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Denali-Highway-fishingThe lakes along the Denali Highway are Arctic Grayling territory. These cousins of the trout typically mature to 13 ounces, though the Alaska state record tips the scales at 4 pounds higher. They are easily fished from May to September and have a reputation for hitting just about anything, bait, lures or flies. The BLM recommends ten spots along the highway for grayling: Ten Mile Lake (mile 10), Tangle Lakes (mile 23), Landmark Gap Lake (mile 25), Rock Creek (mile 25), Fiftymile Lake (mile 50), Glacier Lake (mile 31), Sevenmile Lake (mile 40), Crooked Creek (mile 47), and Brushkana Creek ( mile 105).

Ten Mile, Tangle, Landmark Gap, Glacier and Sevenmile Lakes, along with Big and Little Swede Lakes at mile 25, also have lake trout. Burbot, a freshwater cod with a whisker-like barbel at the tip of the chin, are found in Ten Mile, Tangle and Big Swede. Mature Burbot in Alaska range from 18 to 45 inches and from 1 to 18 pounds. The Alaskan record is a monster 24 pounder.

Check with the Alaska Fish and Game for licensing requirements and bait and limit restrictions. And, when possible, practice catch and release.

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