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Northwest Territories, Canada

giant trout near the surface, northern pike and some of Canada’s largest Arctic grayling

Kasba lake mapWhen Doug Hill opened his fabulous Kasba Lake Lodge, he established a catch-and-release program in which all but a few small, badly hooked fish for the pan had to be returned to the water. When Doug did this years ago, it was not a popular practice as fishermen were used to returning home with a cooler full of fillets. But Doug stuck to his policy, and today, Kasba Lake Lodge produces the same high quality fishing that it did when Kasba was first built.

Nestled in the Northwestern Territories, the crystal clear waters of Kasba Lake, located about 430 miles from the Arctic Circle, provide a lifelong fishing dream come true. With over 1,000 miles of shoreline and hundreds of islands to provide shelter in even the windiest of days, Kasba Lake ensures a fabulous fishing adventure for the casual or serious sport fishermen alike.

Kasba lake fishKasba Lake Lodge offers many fishing experiences for all types of fishermen: For anglers or large groups Kasba Lake Lodge is the answer because of its comfort. For those seeking more adventurous there is an outpost camp located on beautiful Snowbird Lake, just a short ride from Snowbird River. For those anglers who are restless, Kasba Lake Lodge can arrange dramatic day long fly-outs to other lakes and rivers.

Overlooking one of Canada’s most beautiful lakes, Kasba Lake Lodge consists of a spacious main lodge and comfortable guest cabins which accommodate from four to six guests each. All cabins are spacious, fully modern, propane heat, and feature good, comfortable beds. All linens and bedding, as well as daily maid service, breakfasts, and dinners are provided.

kasba-lake-fishA Kasba day begins at 7 AM with a giant,healthy breakfast. Soon guests are on the lake and catching some of the biggest lake trout that they have probably ever seen! At noon, guests rest while the guide prepares a delicious shore lunch. Then its back on the lake for more fabulous fishing. Around six p.m., guests return to the lodge for a hot shower and a hearty dinner. The rest of the day is at leisure although some guests decide to fish (remember this is the country of the “midnight sun”).

Kasba Lake Lodge has gained much of its fame because of the very reliable lake trout that can weigh over 40 pounds (five over 40 lbs. caught last year), with many caught in the 15- to 25-pound class. What’s great is that because of the coldness of these waters, the trout are found close to the surface. There are also big northern pike and each season pike of over 20 pounds are taken (a 34 pounder was caught in 1995). The Kazan River (reached by float place) is famous for its huge grayling an ideal species for both fly fishermen and ultra light tackle fishermen. Some of the largest grayling in Canada are caught at Kazan River (the largest last year was a 4.5 pounder!!).

kasba-lake-fishingFor those who want something different, Snowbird Lake Outpost Camp offers trout from shorelunch fighters to a 55-pound trophy! The Snowbird outpost camp is situated at the southern end of the lake, 10 minutes from Snowbird River where many large northern pike and Arctic grayling abound. The lake is 40 miles long and 15 miles wide. At Snowbird guests have most of the creature comforts but obviously not all the luxuries and service that Kasba provides. Harold Durling, the Outpost manager, is in daily contact with the main camp, in case of emergencies.

The season is from the middle of June to early September, and fishing is very consistent throughout.

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