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In today’s digitally-minded, technologically advanced world, the irresistible need to get out of the home, office or city is something we can all attest to have felt at some point or another. Often the solution to this yearning is going on a camping trip to the great outdoors, but with many people having not gone on such a trip since they were children, preparing can be a bit of a headache to say the least. To help out, we’ve come up with some ideas that will ensure your next camping trip is an absolute success!

The Basics

If you don’t want to end up freezing cold, soaked through and huddled under a conifer, you’re going to need the camping basics. A tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, food, the means to cook food (either fire-making equipment or a camping stove), a means to purify water, sturdy footwear and some form of multitool; with these basics you should be able to take in your stride whatever nature throws at you!

Apps, Apps, Apps

Everyone owns a smartphone these days, and although you definitely shouldn’t spend your trip glued to your phone, there’s all manner of useful apps and websites out there that will make your trip all the more easier and enjoyable.

If you’re going off-road, definitely download BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS – for $10, you get an endless number of topographical maps, plus GPS waypoints that will ensure that you don’t get lost on your travels.

For amateur ornithologists, Audubon Birds Pro is a must-get, listing hundreds of bird species, complete with migratory maps, sighting reports and lots of photos.

Next, a very useful site for when it’s pouring it down, you’re bored and you simply need a little excitement; With a huge roster of games available to players, plus lots of bonus promotions, you can rest assured you won’t be succumbing to cabin fever any time soon!

Finally, Project Noah. This handy little app is great if you want to do a little digital scrapbooking, as you can pop all of your floral and faunal encounters, sharing these with friends and loved ones.

Awesome Gadgets 

Now that you’ve got the basics and the applications nailed down, it’s time for some exciting camping-themed tech! If you’re off camping for a long time, the 30 Day Lantern, so named due to its ability to shine for a whole thirty days on a single set of batteries, is a pretty good choice, and only costs about $30. Lastly, and this product may indeed save your life, it’s the Eton Scorpion Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio. This amazing piece of kit has a digital AM/FM radio, weather alerts, LED flashlight, solar panels and a crank charger that you can attach to your smartphone!



So there you have it! Now you can ramble, hike and explore to your heart’s content! Think we’ve missed out any incredibly useful items? Let us know below!



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