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When you are planning a romantic trip to Russia, you want everything to be like in a fairy tale. But is it possible to translate it into reality? This article will give us an idea of what is needed for this, as well as offer original travel options for couples in Russia.

We are looking for a compromise

Before you book your hotels and buy your tickets, discuss with your partner what your expectations of a joint holiday are. It is unlikely that a shy homebody will appreciate a multi-day kayaking trip in the noisy company of strangers. You can argue until someone gives in, but try to reach a compromise – and both will be happy with the vacation.

Divide and fulfill

It so happens that all organizational worries fall on one person – he (or she) chooses a route, buys tickets, issues visas, reads endless reviews, and looks for accommodation options. And when it comes time to go on a trip, the person is so exhausted that he doesn’t want to go anywhere. What kind of romance can we talk about? To avoid getting tedious about vacation preparation, separate areas of responsibility. Make a shared to-do list, deadlines, and who is responsible for what.

Being on time for everything is not always good

In pursuit of popular attractions, you simply won’t have time to enjoy each other’s company. In a crowd of tourists, you will be more likely to be filled with irritation than tender feelings. Consider options for relaxing in small cozy towns or in an unusual hotel in nature, where a simple walk away from the hustle and bustle turns into a romantic date.

Plus, the richer your vacation plan, the harder it is to relax. Your partner wants to lie in bed until lunchtime, and you have a list of activities planned for the whole day. Maybe you should slow down and trust the chance? After all, wonderful moments of intimacy with loved ones rarely occur in a hurry. 

Smile, take pictures

How many couples are fighting while one is trying to take the perfect photo of the other! When planning your trip, think about photo ideas: you can search for inspiration on Pinterest or by geotagging Instagram. Check out if you can shoot with a local professional photographer.

My phone is my enemy

You want to spend time with your loved one, but do not pause your work correspondence, and your hands are itching to check social networks. The magic moments slip away, and the partner gets angry. A simple way out is to turn off notifications at least during walks. You can check the news feed in the morning or before bed.

Fewer things – more freedom

When going on vacation, think: do you really need two suitcases of things for a three-day trip? The more compact you pack your luggage, the freer you will be in movement. The heavy load of suitcases will certainly not add romance to the trip.

Where to go and what to do?

1. Glamping

Glamping is one of the newest travel trends – a meditative vacation one by one with nature, but with all the amenities and full service. Where in Russia can you enjoy an original form of recreation?

Eco-hotel “Hobbitland”:

Seven fabulous houses on the shore of the lake near Mozhaisk. Comfort and order reign in every home: a wood-burning stove, a soft bed with snow-white linen, and, most importantly, a huge round window! It’s so nice to look through it at the dense forest over a cup of herbal tea.

Price: from 5000 rubles per day 

At the end of the earth – a trip to Kola:

Take a break from civilization and recharge with the energy of the North. There is only the wild nature of the Arctic and the cold waters of the Barents Sea. After dinner with local delicacies, you can soak up the cozy sphere tent and gaze at the starry sky.

Available within tours from 85,000 rubles.

Hygge Camp:

Glamping “Hygge Camp” is located an hour’s drive from Ruskeala, surrounded by dense coniferous forest and the clean mountain lake of Karelia. Stylish tents with stunning views await you, where you can comfortably wrap yourself in a blanket and be alone with nature.

A double tent costs from 4,500 rubles per day.

2. Communication with animals

On horseback to the Syuiren fortress:

Feel like wanderers conquering mountain peaks on your way to an ancient fortress. A walk for those who sit in the saddle for the first time and want to royally, imposingly ride a horse and feel the breath of history.

Price – 2 300 rubles per person

Baikal sled dog center:

About three dozen specially trained dogs will be happy to chat with you: pose for a photo and share their joyful mood. In winter, you can ride in a sleigh, which will be driven by an experienced instructor.

Price – 13200 rubles for a sleigh for a couple 

Swim with dolphins:

Dolphins are intelligent and affectionate creatures, meeting with which will forever remain in your memory. You can reveal the secrets of communicating with dolphins at the Neptune recreation center not far from Evpatoria.

Pre-registration is required, prices should be clarified by phone.

3. For thrill-seekers

Jeeping to the observation decks in Crimea:

Jeeps will take you to the top of the Markotkh ridge, from where a stunning view of Gelendzhik opens up from a bird’s eye view, surrounded by the lights of the resort embankment. What could be more romantic than the game of the setting sun on the vast expanses of the sea?

Price: 1,500 rubles for 3 hours per person

Crimean Provence – jeep tour to lavender fields:

Jeeping is a special adventure atmosphere and your chance to visit the picturesque lavender fields. In the mountains, the plant blooms from mid-June to August. The trip will give an unforgettable experience of the surrounding mountain scenery and the scent of lavender.

Jeep rental – 7,000 rubles

Mystical mountain in Karelia:

Vottovaara is a famous place among esotericists. Bare twisted trees, as if turned upside down, surrounded by huge seed-boulders and pacifying silence. There is a place to roam fantasy.

Tour cost – 4 700 rubles per person

Hot air balloon flight:

A romantic date at the height of a bird’s eye view over the old Veliky Novgorod. Shooting is allowed in the air, you can take flowers, sweets, and champagne with you. Upon landing, a small balloon initiation ceremony with the presentation of a diploma.

The flight costs 23,990 rubles.

Article contributed by Julien Chbib

Bio- Julien is the founder of Julius Homes His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.

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