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There is no doubt that the great icon of the city of San Francisco is the Golden Gate , the large suspension bridge that crosses the majestic San Francisco Bay, which is a must visit on your sightseeing trip. This bridge serves to unite the freeway San Francisco Peninsula with the coastal town of Sausalito and the area called Marin Headlands. Designed by architect Joseph Strauss, crosses the Strait of 120 meters long that connects the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay. When it opened the Golden Gate, became the longest bridge ever built, and today is considered the fifth favorite architectural element in the United States, and the first in the West Coast .

San Francisco is the Golden Gate

When thinking of adventurous things to do on holiday meeting a grizzly bear isn’t the first thought in mind. With traveling to Alaska this can become a reality when backpacking in the national park. Alaska, which is known as the great land, is located in North America. The native population consists of Eskimos, Indians and Aleuts.

Alaska is also home to one of the highest mountain peaks in North America called Mt. McKinley. Located in the Denali national park along with the amazing bears this is surely the best attraction in the park. Hiking and bus tours are widely available activities. These actions allow you to see the mountain at various breath-taking views.

Another firm favorite is diving the third largest reef system in the world in Florida. The diving conditions are amazing as the temperature is around 80 degrees. Beautiful fishes, sharks and rare corals and waiting for you to catch a glimpse of their wonders.

Florida is home to many beaches such as Miami Beach, Palm Beach and St. Augustine. These lovely sandy beaches have tourists flocking to them every year. This state is also home to Disney World located in the Orlando area. This is the most popular tourist site in the whole of Florida.

The opportunity of a lifetime cannot be missed so applying for an American ESTA would be the smartest choice you will ever make.

Neighboring countries

The Visa Waiver Program allows internationals that are eligible, to travel to the surrounding countries. If exploring America is not enough then Puerto Rica or Guam may tickle your fancy. Puerto Rico has the only rain forest on US soil. The EL Yunque rainforest allows tourists to kayak through lagoons, hike in the jungle and cool off under the beautiful waterfall.

The peak tourist season is between December and April. The best time to avoid the big crowds is the low season between May and November. Timing is not an issue as Puerto Rico enjoys year round summer weather with temperatures over 26 degrees.

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