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A geoglyph is a motif on the ground made with rocks, stones, gravel, or dirt. This can be made by building up the ground or removing certain items to create an indentation. They are a piece of land art that adventurers should add to their bucket list. Here are 4 of these items that stand out from the rest. 

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines in Peru is probably the most famous of the ancient geoglyphs. Although there are many theories, the cultural significance of these lines is still unknown. However, it is worth a visit to appreciate the art and the effort these ancient builders put into this creation. 

Eagle Geoglyph

The Eagle Geoglyph in Mexico is another ancient pattern that must be seen in person. It was discovered in a remote and elevated region of the country. It was built by the Aztec people and has only been disturbed by a few small settlements. Therefore, it is relatively undisturbed and offers a good representation of Aztec culture. This feature still has a prominent outline and makes for a great trip. 

Spiral Jetty

Geoglyphs have been created relatively recently. The Land Art Movement brought many new geoglyphs, such as Spiral Jetty in Utah. This jetty spreads out into a spiraling pattern and makes for an enjoyable adventure with a great view. 

Kaibab National Forest Geoglyphs

The Kaibab National Forest in Arizona has been a source of mystery and rumors as people discuss the geoglyphs found there. While it is true that there are drawings here, they are actually from the 1980s and made by men, although they are still worth seeing. 

Geoglyphs are earthen motifs that can be found all over the world. These 4 examples stand out from the rest and should be added to every adventurer’s bucket list. 

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