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Did you or ever wonder what elephants do after dark? Now you can find out for yourself by taking an overnight tour with the elephants in Phuket.

The overnight elephant tour in Phuket is designed to provide you and your family with lots of time to interact, play with, bathe and feed the elephants in a natural setting in the island’s jungles. This is actually a two-day, one-night program with some scheduled fun activities, but it leaves you a lot of free time to explore the jungle environment.

The elephants you’ll meet are all rescues that have been saved by the staff of Elephant Jungle Safari (EJS). They have been relocated to Phuket, where they have taken up residence in a vast jungle compound far away from the crowds and noise of the island.

The overnight tour in Phuket is also designed to foster an understanding of the plight of these magnificent animals and develop an interest in helping preserve them and their natural habitat for future generations to see and enjoy.

Day One of the Phuket Overnight Tour

The staff of EJS will pick you up at your accommodation if you’re staying in one of the major towns and tourist locations on the island. The day starts early, so be ready to go between 6:30 and 7:30 AM (you’ll be informed of the exact time when you book the tour).

After arriving at EJS headquarters, you’ll be offered refreshments and given an introductory orientation to the program and the resident elephants. You should dress appropriately by bringing a swimsuit, change of clothes and most importantly comfortable walking shoes. After the orientation session, you’ll set off on a walk into the jungle, with your destination being the elephant’s compound.

The day’s fun begins as soon as you arrive and meet all the elephants. You’ll be offered a delicious traditional Thai brunch and get yourself settled into your accommodation for the evening. After lunch, you’ll help prepare dietary supplements for them and feed them to the elephants.

After that, the afternoon is yours to take a mud bath with the elephants, bathe them and play with them or simply wander around and enjoy the jungle setting. At around 15:00, you’ll get cleaned up and change clothes before enjoying a lunch of pad Thai and fresh fruit. The early evening is free time to watch the elephants interact with each other or simply relax.

After dark on the Phuket overnight tour, you may discover that elephants are still quite active in grazing and eating. They sleep less than humans do. But don’t watch them for too long, as you’ll be getting up quite early again.

Day Two of the Phuket Overnight Tour

On your second day in the jungle, you’ll wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 AM and be fed breakfast. After that, you’ll be invited to learn how to make paper and soap from elephant poop (we’re perfectly serious).  You’ll say farewell to the elephants and staff of EJS and be transported back to your accommodation.

You’ll return home with a new respect for the intelligence and gentle nature of these animals. And you’ll take with you fond once in a lifetime photos and stories of your overnight tour among the elephants of Phuket.

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