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Getting out and seeing the world can be a wonderful idea. There is a huge planet out there to explore and you never know what you are going to uncover when you set your mind to adventure. If you plan on visiting Florida in the near future, you might be curious about taking a boat trip. There are tons of watery spots all around Florida that are ideal for engaging journeys. What’s more, you might wind up encountering some beautiful and strange creatures during your trip. Specifically, you might have the chance to see some manatees.

Though once considered endangered, manatees have seen a resurgence in population over the past decade. While there are many reasons for the upward shift in population size, you can bet the results are exciting for people visiting the area and looking to catch a glimpse at one of these “sea cows.” If you plan on heading to the Daytona area in the future and want to take a trip out on the water to see some manatees, now is the time to learn a bit more about these majestic creatures of Florida.

Informal Gatherings

Manatees are curious creatures for a number of reasons. Though they are considered mammals and are often likened to cows, the creatures have very little in common. Cows, for example, are herd animals that tend to travel in large clusters in order to avoid predators. While manatees definitely have their fair share of carnivorous creatures in their natural habitats, they also do not tend to travel in large groups. In fact, manatees are considered “not territorial,” which means they do not have an evolutionary need to look to a leader to know where to go.

Manatees are usually only seen together in “informal gatherings.” This means the manatees are coming together for various reasons that stand outside of basic survival. While they definitely will come together for mating and other rituals, most manatees are happy lazily drifting about in rivers alone. Since these beasts enjoy the feeling of warm water, many of them will congregate together in areas where warm waters prevail. Still, you are far more likely to see a single manatee than a grouping of them when you’re on a Daytona Beach boat tour.

Age is a Number

Manatees have long been considered endangered around the world. While there are countless reasons for this, the primary reason for their status is due to their mating habits. Unlike land mammals, that tend to reproduce quite frequently and with as much gusto as possible, manatees have a far slower approach. In fact, experts state that there is usually a span of twenty to thirty years between generations of manatees. This slow rate, coupled with the dangers of being a big sea mammal surrounded by humans invention, led to a decline in manatee populations for many decades.

While species of manatee in other parts of the world are still listed as endangered, Florida manatees have seen a positive change. In 2017, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shifted the Florida manatee from “endangered” to merely “threatened.” While this might seem like good news, it is important to remember these creatures still need a lot of help for their long-term survival. Viewing these animals on a boat ride is a wonderful way to see them up-close and personal without disturbing their natural environments.

Take a Journey

Taking a trip to Florida can be a wonderful opportunity for excitement. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful plants and animals you can see up close and personal when you opt to visit this location in the near future. If you are looking for a real adventure when you trek down to Florida, be sure to think about a Daytona tour on a boat. You will have the opportunity to see all sorts of fascinating wildlife and appreciate creatures like the manatee in brand new ways.

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