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Hong Kong travel

Hong Kong is an excellent travel destination for budget travelers, offering relatively inexpensive transport, delicious and cost-effective food, and many attractions and experiences for free.

Flights to Hong Kong tend to be their cheapest in early September; momondo users have found flights for as little as $1,545. And there are several Cathay Pacific options for flights, like Johannesburg to Hong Kong.


Hong Kong may be an expensive city, but traveling on a tight budget is still possible. By choosing to stay in a hostel or budget hotel and eating from local vendors while taking public transit instead of taxis (and forgoing the nightlife in LKF), your costs can be kept to a minimum. Booking early or off-season stays will allow for greater savings when it comes to accommodations in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong offers an abundance of accommodation options that meet every travel style and budget, from luxury resorts to cozy guesthouses. If you’re searching for budget hotels, try staying near Kowloon or Causeway Bay areas; both boast plenty of affordable hotels nearby attractions.

An average double room at a moderately priced Hong Kong hotel will run you approximately HK$1,000 per night excluding service charge, depending on floor number, decor and view – rooms facing in are generally more cost effective than higher floor options with harbor views. To stretch your budget further, look for rooms without harbor views but boast stunning decor instead.

If you’re on a tight budget, Central or Western districts might be best. Both offer plenty of affordable hotels close to the action yet quiet enough at night; plus there are also numerous hostels such as HK Premium Guest House available here.

Urban Pack is Hong Kong’s premier hostel, run by two friendly Canadians and featuring free Netflix and gaming to relax after an exciting day of exploration. Aimed at backpackers, this vibrant hostel provides travelers with a fun and lively place to meet other travellers while providing organized tours such as hiking trips and night market walks. In addition, its common room offers various organized tours such as hiking excursions.

Airbnb apartments or homestays can help you save on booking fees when choosing accommodations instead of traditional hotels in Hong Kong, particularly among families and groups of friends. Before making the choice for yourself, just ensure the host is trustworthy, read reviews about them online, and that there are enough amenities that match up to what your trip requires.


Hong Kong is a top travel destination, and with many airlines offering affordable flights, getting there can be easy. But to ensure availability and save money when purchasing tickets for Hong Kong flights, book them at least three to four months ahead. That will guarantee the cheapest tickets!

City life here is vibrant, full of skyscrapers and lights, tranquil temples, stunning natural scenery and an abundance of dining, shopping and entertainment options to discover. Residents are warm and friendly while its culture showcases both Chinese and British traditions.

Hong Kong stands as one of Asia’s most vibrant and bustling cities, drawing visitors year round for its mix of cultures and events – especially from spring through autumn when flights to Hong Kong reach full capacity and visitors flock here to experience its special charms.

If you want a luxurious flying experience, consider upgrading to business class tickets. These seats offer extra amenities like gourmet food, free Wi-Fi access and charging sockets; often these tickets can even be less costly than economy ones! This journey will truly become unforgettable.

Hong Kong Tourism Board and Cathay Pacific’s latest offering to encourage more travelers back is giving out free air tickets – totalling 500,000 free air tickets. Southeast Asia residents and mainland Chinese are already benefiting from it; United States and European visitors will join soon thereafter.

No matter the purpose of your travel, Hong Kong has something for every type of visitor. Easily accessible by fast train (24 minute ride to central Hong Kong from airport), numerous bus routes connect it with other parts of city and its nearby islands and there is also the airport itself with accessibility via public transit system.


Hong Kong is a food lover’s delight. Boasting 15,000 restaurants and some of the most cost-effective Michelin stars worldwide, there’s plenty to tempt travelers on a tight budget here. Here are some tips that will help maximize your vacation without breaking the bank!

Dependent upon your tastes, expect to spend about $7 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner. Breakfast choices might include eggs, bread, milk tea and instant noodles – while for lunch consider visiting dai pai dongs offering affordable takeout dim sum dishes or supermarkets like Welcome Taste or Park ‘n Shop that provide ready-to-eat meals at an affordable cost.

Another way to save on food costs is by taking cooking classes. Not only will you learn more about local cuisine while having fun at the same time, but many Hong Kong cooking classes cost under $100! For something a bit more thrilling and adventurous try admiring Victoria Harbour or going on an night hike before shopping Temple Street Night Market.

Hong Kong transportation costs are relatively affordable if you stay in its center. Buses, trains and trams are readily available; taxis can easily be hailred on the streets. Traveling as part of a group allows for shared expenses when hiring one.

Finding affordable flights to Hong Kong can be easy during the off-season, when many airlines offer discounted tickets and you may even book flights nearby like Singapore and Malaysia for less. But keep in mind that food and attractions costs in Hong Kong may quickly add up; to ensure the best value deals, plan your budget carefully prior to purchasing tickets in advance.


Hong Kong offers some unforgettable free experiences, from viewing its iconic skyline from a waterfront promenade or strolling past neon lights in bustling street markets to enjoying attractions like Peak Tram, West Kowloon Cultural District arts hub and Avenue of Stars with admission prices that come out near zero – not forgetting top hotels which provide free tourist perks such as tram tickets and mobile roaming SIM cards in their welcome packs – perfect for budget travellers!

Hunting down bargains is another inexpensive Hong Kong activity. Popular markets such as Temple Street Night Market and Ladies’ Market provide great bargains on clothes, souvenirs and jewellery; less crowded but equally as interesting is Chinatown Antiques & Artisanal Market offering an extensive range of Chinese antiques.

Day trips to nearby islands or coastal villages offer another budget option for exploring Hong Kong’s natural beauty and authentic culture. Tai O Village on Lantau Island is popular among foodies for dining out as well as sightseeing; whilst Dragon’s Back hiking trail and Ham Tin beach provide good places for relaxing. Hong Kong’s numerous country parks also make an appearance: whether trekking through Song dynasty villages or kayaking beneath volcanic sea arches!

Budget-friendly Hong Kong activities can be found all year long, but the ideal times to visit are October to December and July/August as these are considered off season times; lower hotel prices, reduced crowds at attractions and serene beaches make these visits especially appealing.

Use a credit card that covers both travel and dining to keep expenses at a minimum. For instance, the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card allows you to earn up to 95,000 Marriott Bonvoy points while getting $300 back on U.S. restaurant dining, helping offset costs when staying in one of Hong Kong’s more costly neighborhoods such as Central. A Octopus card also makes life simpler as you use it on public transport and various convenience stores without incurring metro fares or buying tokens manually – saving time, effort and hassle in doing both areas!

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