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Are you considering an outdoor wedding to celebrate yournuptials? You’ve probably already got a clear picture in your mind of how it’sgoing to be. Bright blue skies, a romantic breeze, the sound of the ocean crashingon the shore are just some of the things that will add to the atmosphere. Butwhat if it rains, swarms of mosquitoes choose to join in the celebration, or there’snowhere for your guests to sit in comfort?Doesn’t sound quite so romantic whenyou put it like that. To help you pull off the perfect outdoor wedding, hereare some great tips.

  • Location

There are going to be pros and cons of every location youconsider, so remember to bear them all in mind. While the sound of waveslapping on the beach sounds dreamy,there’s also going to be a steady sea breezeyou need to cater for. You’ll need to make sure the décor and your hair aresecure, the candles stay lit, and you’re not likely to get caught out by atropical thunderstorm.

A wedding planning company such as Sweet Hawaii Wedding will be able toanswer all your questions and make the necessary arrangements for you, savingyou lots of hassle and sleepless nights.

  • Extra Costs

If you’ve decided on a public outdoor space,you may have topay a fee to use the space for your wedding. A beach, campsite or park that’sopen to the public isn’t always going to be free of charge. Similarly, if thelocation you’ve chosen is remote and off the beaten track,there may beadditional delivery charges to take care of.

  • PowerSources

The scenery is provided for you but electricity for caterer’sappliances, for the band or DJ’s amps and speakers and lighting for when thesun goes down have to be provided by you. If there’s no electricity supply onsite, you’ll need generators. Fans, air conditioners or portable heaters mayalso be needed depending on the time of year. A professional electrician shouldbe able to offer some guidance on theright power source to use.

  • Have aContingency Plan

Planning a wedding is challenging enough without having tomake a Plan B.It is, however, advisable because it’s better to be organizedshould the rain start falling than be left standing at the altar in your soggywedding dress with your feet in a puddle of water. If you’re lucky, there willbe an indoor area you can use. Alternatively, put a deposit down on a tent,just in case. Having a stash of umbrellas to offer guests some shelter and astack of fluffy towels will make a rain shower easier to bear.

  • Have aWebsite

A weddingwebsite is a great way to communicate with your wedding guests, keepingthem informed of your plans and tips such as what to wear. If some of yourguests are traveling a fair distance,it’s a great idea to post last-minutechanges to the weather.

Take heed of these five tips, and you stand a much betterchance of pulling off the perfect outdoor wedding. It doesn’t have to be hard,but you will need to think out of the box and prepare for the unexpected.

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