Experience The Wonders Of South Africa While Volunteering – The Outdoor Women

If you’re ever given the opportunity, you owe it to yourself and to your understanding of the world to travel far from home. As the well-known saying goes: “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” However, we all know thattravelling around the worldusually requires a greatdeal of money, time, and resources that many people simply don’t have.

If you have a thirst for travel and experience but you’re on a tight budget, consider the diverse opportunities that now exist for volunteers in Africa. In particular, South Africa has a wide array of programs for those looking to get away—while also making a profound impact on the lives around them. As a volunteer in South Africa, you have the chance to explore the beautiful countryside as much more than a mere tourist. Volunteers work with dedicated staff on various charitable, humanitarian, and conservationist projects that provide complete immersion into the vibrant human and animal life of South Africa. Moreover, it’s a thoroughly fulfilling way to form lifelong memories and cherished connections with native residents and other travellers without breaking the bank on travel costs.


Current projects available to those interested in volunteering include working with local South African wildlife (from big cats to penguins togreat white sharks) to working with impoverished children, or children recovering from serious injury or the loss of their parents and guardians. These programs are open for anyone aged 18 and up, so don’t let age be a factor in your decision! Furthermore, these organizations naturally prioritize the safety of their participants. Volunteers and provided with reliable transport to and from the airport, as well as around South Africa for day-trips and other excursions. They are provided with clean accommodations as well as daily meals. Volunteers attend an orientation before immersing themselves in the job, and are offered extensive on-site training once they arrive. All projects are committed to providing an experience that is friendly to both the animal life and the environment. More immersive, more responsible, and more rewarding experiences are indeed tough to find. For more information on various programs available, safety and security policies, and pricing details, check out the comprehensive listings at http://volunteersa.com and start planning the most memorable trip of your life.

Those who travel by volunteering in South Africa get to see a remarkably different culture, climate, geography, and wildlife, albeit on a considerably smaller budget than most travelers. And they’ll get to see and experience all this while also enjoying the fruits of truly charitable and ethical work. This kind life-changing journey is yours to be had by investigating all the volunteer options South Africa has to offer.

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