South Carolina

3 Reasons To Visit South Carolina

If your family is torn between the beach and the mountains for your next family vacation, South Carolina might be the perfect destination. The eastern part of the state boasts some of the nation’s most beautiful coastline, while majestic mountains fill the western regions. Here are just a few reasons why South Carolina is a great place to visit.

The Wilds

South Carolina might not be the first state one thinks of when it comes to wild spaces, but perhaps it should be. Two-thirds of the state is covered in forests, and it is home to the nation’s largest remaining expanse of old-growth hardwood forest, located in Congaree National Park. The park is noted for its amazing biodiversity, which is on display when hiking its 25 miles of trails or exploring the floodplain by kayak or canoe. Many visitors enjoy RV camping Columbia SC, just a short drive away. Further west lies the Blue Ridge Mountains and its numerous breathtaking vistas and scenic waterfalls.

The Food

Your stomach will surely thank you for visiting Charleston. Voted as the best food city in the south, visitors have plenty of mouth-watering meals to choose from. Seafood is especially popular, with specialties including shrimp and grits, she-crab soup and oysters. Soul food staples like fried okra, cornbread, fried chicken and fried green tomatoes also are in high demand. Whatever you eat, be sure to wash it down with a cold glass of southern sweet tea.

The Beaches

South Carolina hosts one of the nation’s most popular beaches in Myrtle Beach. A mecca for those seeking fun in the sun, the coastal community offers exciting outdoor recreation, as well as a boardwalk and shopping opportunities that are every bit as legendary as is its nightlife. Those seeking a more private experience might opt for the three-mile-long beach at Huntington Beach State Park. Its pristine beauty is renowned among wildlife watchers, anglers and surfers alike.

If you visit South Carolina be prepared to fall in love. These are just three of the reasons you will want to keep coming back.