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One of the adverse health less discussed (but controversial) of the latest wireless technology applications is the radio frequency, widely used in outdoor activities on phones, walkie talkies, handies, Wifi, Blutooth and other communications equipment, guidance, etc.

Among the indisputable facts that show the level of injury potential of using cell phones and other devices wirelessly using radio frequencies, such as wireless routers (Wi-Fi) and Bluthooth technology, there is one worth noting. I refer to the relationship between the size of the equipment and its power (and therefore scope).

First establish some facts:

1 – Electromagnetic waves between the frequencies of 300 MHz and 300 GHz are called “microwave.” In radio, standard UHF, SHF and EHF.

2 – Microwave ovens (commonly known as “microwave) generate frequencies of about 2.54 GHz, which causes the water molecules vibrate and get hot,” cooking “any food or heating (living tissue) that make up water.

3 – The effect of microwaves is cumulative in a given tissue (if the tissue can not regenerate, or it can be done quickly enough, suffer damage or die for.)

4 – Some tissues and organs do not regenerate, they do so slowly or with difficulty (for example, neurons in the nervous system).

5 – It follows that the higher the frequency, greater damage to health or (put another way) greater damage to living tissue and no chance of recovery based on a given time of exposure to microwaves.

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