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junctionAs with the guidance of groups in any other outdoor activity (walking, cycling or horse) when he meets the road is just the guide, and those who still depend on their direction, must regroup people who formed the group in all branches, taking the time to make sure they are all (count them) and continue walking on the right path, without taking the wrong.

When there are at least two guides (Guide or head first, and second-Guide, Guide broom, cola or “Seconds”) charged with the task of counting is the second. But if the second does not know the way and also depends on where you see the first, the latter must wait at junctions at least enough to see those who follow the path you take.

If time is pressing, the guide who goes first can let someone you trust at the fork indicating the right path, or even mark it with a signal (of course, have to be a prearranged signal and known to all in the group). When more than two Guides, the Guides or are in the middle of the pack or distributed in it are those who are in charge of this role as “beacons” to the forks.

It’s almost a statistical issue that more people, people more likely to slow down and people go faster, and more likely to “distractions”, either watching the scenery, or to be making social contacts between members of group, etc. Therefore, this stop at junctions to wait for the final will be required when large groups. The larger the group, more is going to “stretch” and therefore more will have to wait to the last.

In these cases, can be used just to rest stops. Moreover, it is advisable to leave or start pedaling again immediately when they last, for obvious reasons (the latter also have to rest, usually even more than the former). If the group is why stops at junctions are very long, you can make short-term activity to “encourage” and keep people cool or bored.

If you’re riding a bicycle or on horseback, you can quickly establish a small alternative circuit to keep moving. This circuit may have some technical difficulties to make it more attractive, for example. You can also make a game in place, a game that will vary depending on the age and number of group members. So, no one will be bored, and everyone will be able to rest in the forced stops.

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