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The topwater plug has got to rate right at the top when it comes to the different baits and the kind of reaction they draw when they are presented just right.

From the subtle” tap tap “on a Texas rig worm, to the solid “thump” we feel on a deep diving crank bait, each bait has own characteristics as far as how the bass “feels” on the strike.

But Topwaters, oh the mighty topwaters. I guess you could say I cut my teeth on a Tiny Torpedo, and yes, it was clear, on the stock ponds around East Texas and the big pond, Toledo Bend.

I want to share a few secrets with you about this kind of fishing and a bait that very few anglers use. Therefore, if your one of the inquisitive minds that search for new and useful information, then this is payday for you.

Let me cut right to the chase on this awesome, but rarely used topwater bait {Heddon doesn’t sponsor me so lets get that out of the way}

It’s the legendary, Boy Howdy. A topwater, stickbait, with a weighted end.

Now, they make different ones, but the one& only one, is the bait that has the 3/8 oz weight at the tail.

Chrome with a blue back, Chrome with a black back, and clear with a blue nose, but has to be the weighted version.

Depending on the action, some times I shave the weight down , this helps the bait stick further up.

topwater fishingOn windy days, I will do this on the school fish and it really helps.

Now, how do I fish it.

Long casts. Absolutely great for school bass, cast extremely good to, much better than a spook{ that’s another story}or one of the thicker cigar plugs.

So, right after the cast, I usually pause for 10-15 seconds, although I have had them explode on it before that!

Then with a fast tipped rod, usually a 6’6″All Star Popping Rod, I will pop the bait, with a snap of my wrist, while slowly reeling.

I do this about 3-4 times, then pause….

Most the time, the first pop after I pause is when the EXPLOSIONS take place. I mean they inhale it. I am not sure why the Boy Howdy works so well when other baits don’t. Maybe the profile, color and action, all come together to create the perfect illusion of a 6 inch wounded shad…..darting on the surface!

Please do not get me wrong, there are excellent topwater baits out there, and I use them. Spooks, Rouges, Rapalas, holy cow, there’s a bloody ton of them, and they work…..but.

You have to get a few of these Boy Howdys for the school fish.

How many times have you been on the lake and found the schoolies only to be snubbed by them. You throw small cranks, traps, grubs and all your topwaters in your box…to no avail.

Try the Boy Howdy.

Now I am not saying it works every time but please try it. I will almost guarantee it will work. I have had baits, in fact, where the bass have eaten the darn chrome right off, exposing the bone colored body underneath…and they still work. If you were to open my Howdy box right now you would find 15-20 Boys inside, half of them will be bone & chrome, as I call it.

So the next time you see a boil, or hear the schoolies behind you, pick up your rod and chuck a Boy Howdy on them and hold on.

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