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To define the importance of Travel Insurance must be taken into account a basic issue: the fact that travels is an act of freedom we do to feel better about themselves and others, and if we see that this act is threatened by something is our own freedom and security that is threatened.

Therefore, in the market one can find a wide range of options for travel insurance. The contract cancellation insurance classic is the possibility that we cancel the trip we can recover the full cost. To this end, pre-pay a premium depending on destination and trip duration.

The cancellation insurance contract, meanwhile, covers the costs incurred during a trip, then, have been canceled due to force majored. What makes this insurance to cover the payment that you made earlier? The requirement is to hire while traveling.


In addition, there are insurance companies that offer specific insurance for some activities during the trip, like sports, among others, and the possibility of compensation in case of accidents. This insurance also covers intangibles such as lost luggage.

The importance of travel insurance in the country made trips does not have an optimal health system or health situations which are irregular, it is essential.

Types of Travel Insurance

  • Classic contract cancellation insurance. With this insurance we get is that in the case of having to cancel the trip will recover the full cost of it. Of course, after paying the premium (which corresponds to a certain amount depending on the destination and duration of travel booked.)

    It must ensure that the amount covers less than the contracted trip.

  • Contract cancellation insurance: Insurance that covers the costs incurred by a trip that was subsequently terminated for unexpected issues. This insurance covers your disbursement made, but not forgets you have to hire while traveling.

    Highly recommended for cruise ships often have cancellation fees and for certain offers that do not allow cancellations.

  • Specific insurance: Insurers already have special contracts for certain trips that include practices sky, adventure activities, safe rooms, cruises, independent travel, others assure us compensation in case of breakage, loss, delay in baggage delivery.
    There is also compensation for travel health alert (as is happening in some cases due to influenza A) and for a variety of specific things.
  • Medical insurance or assistance: Other important are medical insurance, especially when visiting some less developed countries or those in which Spain has no health care agreements.

    Otherwise and if we need to see a doctor we may face higher bills. They also tend to cover the extended-stay hotels or travel sickness of a relative in case of hospitalization.

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