Outdoor activities: take a stick, cane or similar – The Outdoor Women

outdoor-sticksCarry a stick, cane, or similar no matter the difficult terrain, carrying a cane has nothing but advantages and none against. In addition to preventing falls on unstable ground (with rocks, snow, wet or slippery), subtraction effort to our knees, spreading the weight on the arm also carries a cane.

In case of injury, a cane will help us to walk with less effort as a crutch, either by itself or injury of any partner who have to attend. Although there are many business models “trekking poles” that include things like handles anatomical cushioning and even flashlights, the truth is that rather than not use anything for lack of money to buy these latest models, we can use a stick either Area (million ancestors can not be wrong ;-)).

If walking or riding on hilly terrain in which we have to move laterally, keeping the height, the stick or cane should be on the opposite side of the slope, ie the side of the mountain. This is to be able to brake properly in case of loss of balance, avoiding the fall. Of course, this rule applies to the use of axes and picks, and especially in snow-covered ground.

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