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The beautifulsouthern California city of Santa Clarita is full of wonder. Residents andvisitors alike marvel at the multitude of fun attractions, nonstop great events,and unique landmarks that fill the city. All types of shopping and diningexperiences abound. Amusement parks, live performances, concerts, andnightclubs keep people of all ages entertained. No matter what you’re into,there is something in Santa Clarita to interest you.

Of all theamazing attractions in this suburb of Los Angeles, the natural wonders are someof the most popular — and for good reason. Consider the Gibbon ConservationCenter. It makes for a great day trip where you can learn all about themajestic but highly-endangered Gibbon apes who live there under its protection.They live as they would in the wild, raising their families and socializing.The Placerita Canyon Nature Center shows its visitors everything there is toknow about the flora and fauna of southern California.

If you liketo get down and dirty with nature, there’s the Santa Clarita Woodlands Park, where hikers, bikers, and outdooraction buffs flock.

Nestledsnugly on the northern side of the Santa Susana Mountains, this park is dividedinto four amazing recreation areas.

  • Towsley Canyon
  • Rice Canyon
  • Pico Canyon
  • Mentryville


The Ed DavisPark in Towsley Canyon features a year-round creek and many fascinating rockformations created from the constantly running water. An oak woodland area isperfect for challenging solitary hikes or excursions for the whole family.The trail’s scenic viewpoints are awe-inspiring. Towsley Lodge, a historicinstitution, is available to rent for special occasions.


Lush, verdantplant life is most evident in Rice Canyon. Hikers, bikers, and equestrians usethe dirt fire road to get through miles of oak, bay laurel, black walnut, andbigleaf maple to reach the summit and the glorious views it holds.


The firstsuccessful oil well in the western United States, Pico No. 4, once sat in PicoCanyon. Today, Pico Canyon offers its visitors a look back at Californiahistory along with its sun-dappled paths into its rugged depths.


Sittingsnugly at the base of Pico Canyon, this area was a bustling oil townsurrounding Pico No. 4. In the 1880s. A few preserved buildings still stand,including the mansion of the town’s namesake, Charles Mentry, the well’sdriller. This area has been designated a California SateHIstorical Landmark.

Whereto Stay When Visiting Santa Clarita Woodlands Park

There aremyriad motels, bed and breakfasts, and hotels in the Valencia area. You will beable to find clean, suitable accommodations, no matteryour budget or preferences. Hiking the Santa Susana Mountains is amind-altering experience. It fosters deep introspection and psychologicalawakening. Nothing is better for that than a peaceful rest and good night’ssleep.

The LavenderInn bed and breakfast can accomplish just that. Built in 1874, this historicbed and breakfast offers stunning outdoor views and a curated experienceinside. If you are looking for a few more luxuries, the Hyatt Regency Valencia is a perfect choice, with Wi-Fi, cabletelevision, and location convenient to popular area attractions. Here’s one final tip for your trip. These 4,000 acres of parkland takedays to fully explore and enjoy. Don’t rush through it. Enjoy every moment.

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