Getting Ready for a Solo Hike – The Outdoor Women

hikeThere are so many beautiful places to see in the United States and around the world. Many individuals love the idea of spending days in the forest or in the mountains camping and hiking. Many like the idea of doing this alone. It allows them to experience a true sense of peace and tranquility. It allows them to get away from their hectic life and be at one with nature for just a little while. In order for you to genuinely enjoy a solo hike, you need to prepare.

One of the very first things you need to do as you are planning your hike is tell someone where you were going. Leave this information with a family member, a friend, or another responsible individual. If you do not check in or you do not return by the time that you said you would, someone will look for you. Also, if there is inclement weather, help can be sent to you.

You want to get a basic idea of where you will head. One option that you may consider is going all the way along the Appalachian Trail. Many individuals who have done this hike have had to plan at least five or six months to do the entire thing. No matter where you go or how long it takes, map out a route ahead of time. This will ensure that you get your final destination in a timely manner.

You want to bring along food and items to cook with. At local camping stores you can find many small utensils that can be taken along to cook with or to carry your food in. Also, you will want to take along a suitable water container that can be refilled along the way. Many individuals have found that the Blackhawk side hydration pouch is very useful. Since it sits on their side, they do not have to put it in their backpack and do not feel that extra weight of it on their back.

It is also important to take along other supplies including a small tent, sleeping bag, and even reading material. While packing, it is important to remember not to take along too many items. Only take what you need. If not, you will be weighed down for the entire trip. Most solo hikers find that what they first thought was a necessity was not really necessary at all.

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