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There are very few things that can top the definition of a luxury event other than a private catamaran sailing party. This is why if “memorable” is what you’re going for at your next party, then this should be on your list of top options.

There are, of course, plenty of advantages to partying out at sea onboard a luxury catamaran, privacy, and exclusivity to name a few. In case you do decide to make a reservation, here are some handy tips you could use to ensure your luxury catamaran event is a smashing success.

Make the Guest List

Determining how many guests will be joining is just as crucial as identifying who will be there. The number of people attending your event will ultimately be deciding how big of a boat you will need to rent out as well.

Sealing the guest list also helps determine the activities you’ll have lined up for the event, as well as the food that you will be serving. In other words, a lot of other factors will rely on this guest list, so get this out of the way first things first.

Set the Budget

Luxury means cost, so it’s a question of what will make this cost worth it that you should be concerned about. In setting the budget, you are ultimately stipulating how much will be spent on which elements of the event. If your event is a wedding, then obviously there are plenty of other items to take care of, such as venue styling, entourage preps, bridal styling, food and drinks catering, and others.

If it’s a themed party, then you’d also need to style the venue according to your theme. If you’re planning on hiring live musical performers, then this should also be accommodated in your budget. Of course, the rental of the luxury boat itself should take primary consideration, otherwise, you won’t have a venue to speak of. This also goes back to why you need to set the guest list: the size of the boat will depend on the number of guests you intend to have.

Map Out an Itinerary

Sure, there’s a captain manning the ship who would know best which course to take you and your party on. However, in case you do have some special plans in mind, you might want to map out possible stops that could make your itinerary more enjoyable.

Will it be possible to stop at other docks and get off the boat for a little excursion, or perhaps even a private island you could set up as an extension of your party venue. Whatever your dream itinerary may be, share it with your captain so that they can advise you whether it’s possible. It’s good to set the bar high for your grand, luxury party, but it’s always better to manage expectations.

Mark the Date

This is crucial not only so your guests can block their calendars on the date of your party. Rather, it’s important because you need to pick a date that you can more or less guarantee to have good weather at the very least. Rainy or windy days are hardly good choices to hold your boating party. Set the date, check the weather, and hope for the best that it goes your way accordingly as planned.

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