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Sure, you’ve heard the stories. A nice couple is invited to dinner at an opulent location, like a beautiful restaurant at a very ritzy, upscale hotel in a special destination like Disneyland or Vegas. They are given a presentation about all the incredible experiences they can have if they buy into a timeshare condominium in this incredible location, and all about the amazing perks they’ll acrue that are sure to increase in value over time. Frankly, by the time this talk is over, they’ll be convinced that every aspect of their life, from the health and welfare of their children and grandchildren to their entire status in the world, is riding on whether or not they choose to purchase part of a timeshare.

Why Not Buy a Timeshare?

Sure, buying a timeshare can be a good idea in some circumstances, if a person (or a couple) is interested in visiting a location and wants to be guaranteed a great place to stay that can increase in value over time. Still, having a timeshare means you are “sharing” the property, and it may not always be available during the times you want to take a vacation. You are also paying fees for a place that you may not be able to visit as much as time goes on and family dynamics change. This is where problems can arise in owning a timeshare, as things change and getting away just isn’t convenient anymore.

Making Timeshare cancellation Easier

Many people who have bought timeshares have run into problems when they try to cancel their ownership. There are unfortunately many unscrupulous companies out there that can make it very difficult for timeshare owners to cancel their contracts and sell out their shares. Many owners have faced situations in which they feel stuck in a situation with no legal recourse.

The good news is that now there is more awareness of this problem, and ways to address it legally. Some companies have formed that make it a priority to address this problem and do something about it. So, if you feel stuck in a timeshare you’re unable to sell, do some research today and know that help is out there.

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