1000 and 1 things you can do outdoors: First, write. – The Outdoor Women

outdoor-activitiesToday many people seem to think (or rather act as if) you could not do anything outdoors, as if all recreational activity, interesting, leisure or simply worth, must be done under one or more roofs surrounded by four or more walls … we think not, and we will prove.

To demonstrate this we intend to write a thousand and one (1001) things you can do outdoors, and each of them we dwell in a post of this blog. We may take some time yes … but let’s get to work now.

To inaugurate this series of posts about things you can do outdoors, say this is one of them. Yes, if you have the ability to write and publish on the Internet (and if we do not have it we give it, contact us) can do just sitting in a park, if you have a notebook or a laptop. The wireless connection is not essential, because what you write can go once they return home after writing outdoors.

And if you’re a computer medium in which to write outdoors, not undrinkable. Write on paper and then pass it has its advantages: you can generally type faster, and is therefore more fluid connection “text ideas” and on the other hand, when you must pass the written, is given a second look and correcting the text, which does not hurt. So … get to work, the keyboard or the pen (outside, of course )

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