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Whether you are visiting as a stopover on the Emirates Airways flight or considering Qatar as their final destination, you will soon realize that Qatar, along with its capital city, Doha, is not just the ‘next Dubai.’ Up until oil was discovered in Qatar, its greatest profit and recognition was cultivated from pearl diving. However, Qatar has now grown and made a significant mark on the map as it prepares to host the Fifa World Cup in 2022. Here are some of the reasons why Qatar is an excellent choice to visit when planning to have a vacation.

Top Luxury Hotels

The luxury and the sheer decadence found in the hotels within Qatar are reasons enough to visit. The Marriott Marquis City Center is an excellent example of the amenities, and the caliber of hospitality Qatar has to offer. The hotels in this region offer amenities that are unrivaled. They are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment which adds to their splendor, reinforcing the true definition of what Qatar is all about.

The Desert Safari Tours

In this world, there are only two countries where both the desert and the ocean meet – Namibia and Qatar. In the latter, a few things will spike adrenaline when out on vacation. One of these is the 4×4 safari through the vast desert of Qatar, close to two-hour drive from the heart of Doha. The radio blasts Arabian-French techno music as the Land Cruiser speed across the desert to give an experience of a lifetime. These safaris are directed by experienced guides who have all the information they need to ensure you enjoy yourself while on tour. To experience the Qatar tours first hand, it is essential to plan and make arrangement early enough. This allows one to find a tour package that is suitable and ideal for their budget.

The Desert Overnight Stay

The overnight stay in Qatar’s desert is also another suitable options visitors can enjoy. For an experience like no other, visitors can choose to spend their nights in the luxurious desert camps. These kinds of experiences are ideal for outdoor mums, especially those who have always yearned to have an extraordinary experience that is far from the usual trekking and hiking. A desert overnight stay is also a suitable option for couples and family getaways. The camps are often situated in strategic zones where the sea and the desert sand meet. These camps are also ideal for various recreational activities including beach volleyball and snorkeling. While there are healthy gourmet meals included on the menu, no alcoholic beverages are served at the camps.

Regardless of what the reasons are for traveling, it is essential to anticipate your needs, so it becomes easier to pick the right amenities during a vacation. Experiencing a new level of luxury in the hotels, going for the overnight desert stay at the camps, and taking part in the desert tours are among the reasons you should visit Qatar. Additionally, with the 2022 World Cup coming, there’s no better time to travel to Qatar and experience the buzz of the rapidly changing country.

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