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one of the most majestic tarpon and snook lodges of all of Central America” The PanAngler.

silver king lodge fishingUnquestionably one of the greatest experiences an angler can have is to witness a big tarpon leap skyward– five or six feet out of the water–and then come crashing on the water’s surface, splintering it into thousands droplets of water. And that’s only the beginning. In the next time frame–whether it’s only minutes or over an hour–the lucky angler will be tested by one of their strongest, most dramatic gamefish of the world. One of the very best places to experience this wonderful scene over and over again is at Silver King Lodge, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Silver King Lodge has emerged over the past few seasons as a world-class tarpon and snook fishing resort. Situated in a lush, tropical environment on the banks of the Rio Colorado River, it offers matchless accommodations to compliment the challenging fishing.

Tarpon in the 50- to 80-pound class are the norm in these waters, though 100 pounders are often encountered. Costa Rica is famous for trophy snook, with ten to 20 pounders not uncommon. Four IGFA world record snook have been taken from the east coast, including the all-tackle record. Upriver, backwater bays and tributaries host a trio of local exotics (machaca, guapote, and mojarra) that are great fun on light freshwater gear, and a soothing alternative to the more bruising tarpon.

silver king lodge big fishSilver King offers guests a wide choice in regard to its fishing boats. For plying the Colorado River and its nearby tributaries, 19-ft. Carolina skiffs with 65 HP outboards are standard. For venturing out through the river mouth and into the tarpon rich Caribbean, hop in a 23-ft. deep V fiberglass boat with a new 150 HP outboard. For those who want to give the offshore fishing a shot, Silver King is the only lodge to offer a fully equipped boat with twin 150’s to get you out to the action quickly and safely.

If you need tackle, Silver King’s got it. Its tackle shop is fully stocked with top quality plug casting and spinning rigs for the tarpon and snook, Orvis fly rods, and both Penn Internationals and Fin-Nor gear for plying offshore waters. Silver King also has all the right lures for whatever type of fish you want to pursue from tarpon and snook to wahoo, tuna and even sails.

English-speaking guides know these waters well, as understand a broad range of approaches to the fishing, from casting and trolling to fly fishing.

Spacious duplex cottages all feature two full size beds, large tiled bathrooms with hot showers, plus electricity, and overhead fans. The dining room is paneled in native hardwoods and serves superb meals that reflect both local favorites as well as American style entrees. The bar never closes and all liquor is included in the camp package.

If a battle with a monster tarpon has taxed your muscles, take a relaxing dip in the new, enclosed jacuzzi. You don’t need to take a lot of clothes as Silver King will wash and dry them each day for you, on the house. If a gentle tour of the local environment is of interest, take one of the lodge’s kayaks or canoes out to sneak up on the howler monkeys, caimans or the abundant birdlime, or just paddle around and admire Costa Rica’s rich rain forest.

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