5 Must-Have Accessories for the Outdoor Woman – The Outdoor Women

Say goodbye to heels and skirts. It’s time to catch your own food, build your own shelter and live your own life! If you’re ready to embrace new adventures as a free and uninhibited woman, here are just five essentials before you strike out in the wilderness.


1. Sports Bra

This is one of those things that women on hiking and camping trips always wish that they’d thought of before they started on the trail. A good sports bra is made of tough but breathable fabric that will resist heat and moisture, and it doesn’t have any unnecessary adornments to dig into your skin as you climb over rocks and cliffs.

2. Gun Parts

Whether you’re looking for steel AR15 magazines or 9mm Glock extractors, it’s important to have the right equipment as you hunt down stags and bucks. Your firearm is nothing more than the sum of its parts, so those parts need to be high-quality to get the job done.

3. Backpack

Nothing beats a sturdy backpack when you’re miles from civilization and hauling all of your belongings by yourself. There are even ultra-modern backpacks that come with things like built-in charging stations to keep all of your devices juiced! They might cost a little more than regular backpacks, but it’s worth the expense to keep your GPS charged.

4. Feminine Hygiene

It always happens when you least expect it! The good news is that there are all kinds of natural and organic products that will help you manage Aunt Flo without harming the environment. Don’t be squeamish when it comes to preparing for that time of the month; you’ll be glad that you did when you wake up to a surprise in the middle of nowhere.

5. First-Aid Kit

Last but certainly not least, don’t go anywhere without emergency medical supplies. You never know when disaster might strike! Basic kits will include things like bandages, tweezers and tape; more advanced surgical kits might come with clamps and scalpels. It’s up to you to decide the danger level of your expedition.

Whether you’re looking for great backpacks or C products defense magazines, these are just a few things to keep in mind as you stock up for an outdoor life. There’s nothing wrong with preferring the great outdoors to the trappings of modern femininity; just make sure that you have the right equipment to enjoy it!

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