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bella-sirena-thumbnailBy 1941, Punta Penasco, 187 inhabitants dedicated to fishing or working on the railroad Sonora-Baja California, Mexicali, which stretch Rocky Point, was opened in 1940. He later pleaded Municipal Police, which began settlements in what is today the city.

Later, on July 9, 1952 was erected the town of Puerto Peñasco, Caborca and comprising separating the towns of Sonoita, Bahia La Choya, March 21 and Cuauhtemoc. For 1989, the municipal area is a reduction in its territory with the creation of the municipality in the state number 70, General Plutarco Elias Calles.

Once we defined the area and no change in June 1993 he received the custody of the Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf of California and then integrates the Biosphere National Park Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar.

Tourism industry growing

Notwithstanding recent history, the town’s tourist infrastructure is consolidated and is now in the process of expansion. Its privileged location offers 70 restaurants, 42 hotels and motels (providing 2 000 12 rooms), breathtaking views and sunsets to the delight of guests and diners as well as 14 mobile homes with parking for 435 thousand spaces.

Port Overview

The area has large housing projects up to one thousand 500 condominiums, among them Sandy Beach Resorts, Costa Diamante, Sonora Sea, Bella Sirena and Las Palmas.

Also, the influx of tourists the place is real, every day on average receive a thousand passengers. 85 percent of foreigners who come are from Arizona, while a year is 200 000 domestic visitors. Here is no accommodation problem for the visitors bella sirena rocky point mexico is working fine for the accommodation.

Ocean beaches and a world to discover

Puerto Peñasco has 110 kilometers of coastline make it possesses a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, which allowed him to be declared an ecological reserve for the preservation of endemic species.

Here, the visitor can enjoy beaches like El Mirador, La Cholla, Estero Morua, the lakes, Playa de Oro and Playa Bonita, whose sand is unique because it is very clean, warm, thin and light brown, still reveals between waves, and carries plenty of tiny crabs and sea shells of various colors.

The hotel has given rise to this destination

In the water you can go jet skiing, boating, fishing and sailing, which has also ideal places for fishing, diving, scuba, snorkeling, surfing and windsurfing.

Its dry-warm climate prevails, only less irresistible the sea and although it is winter stage, never live temperatures below 27 degrees Celsius.

Very near here, in San Jorge Island, the underwater adventure takes on a special appeal by the presence of sea lions, dolphins and pelicans, with the possibility of sighting the vaquita marina, a species in danger of extinction.

In the spring you can address The Intrepid: Yacht Cruise, which is the most modern ship of the place, from where you get a better sighting.

For those who do not want to dive, you can continue your tour in the CER-MAR Aquarium, a research center open to the public, where several marine species can be observed, such as sea turtles, octopuses, sea horses, numerous species of fish and creatures that live deep in the marine world.

A second visit may be at CEDO, an institution located in the community of Las Conchas and open to tourists in general, with gift shop, as well as marine survey activities.

A trip to the Pinacate

No more than 45 minutes from the beaches, visit the Biosphere Pinacate National Park, a volcanic area of more than 3000 years old which covers 240 hectares. This tour takes you north of Puerto Peñasco into a beautiful region where you stand on the edge of one of the largest dormant volcanoes in the world, the Smart, which will cause great astonishment to observe its depth.

Altar Desert

Rocky can be seen from another perspective. Faced with the Mouth The coat and Pelican Island, begins the Altar Desert, the most ruthless of the country. The boundary of the swamp with impressive dunes contrast.

In the bleak landscape, there are two people to see: Santa Clara to the gulf of the same name and Puerto Peñasco. To reach the latter from the stunning sunset that offers the desert with saguaros, just enough to go in the direction of Mexicali on the road 5 and take Highway 2 to Sonoyta, where the vegetation consists of cholla and Sinita not stop seem strange and even tempting with its thousands of spines.


In Sonora there are ethnic groups that, while not located on the beaches, they can be perceived by the variety of crafts that offer. 9 cultures are now preserved.

Guarijíos are those with more traditional variety, including figures formed from natural materials such as palm, mud, branches and fibers that make baskets, mats and hats, among others.

The self-styled Yoreme Mayos, have a rich oral tradition, while the homeopaths, the Papago, Pima, Seri, Yaqui, Cocopah and Kickapoo, are proof of fine craft pieces of basketry, made from desert plants that are prepared and woven.

Among other things, in Puerto Peñasco Sonora and the rest of you can buy plenty of leather accessories and clothing or simple memories, which together with fresh seafood, grilled meat, pound or a good cheese soup, are details that remain in the mind after his trip to this part of northern Iraq.

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