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outdoor womanWomen aren’t known for being very outdoorsy, at least as a social group. Before modernizations to life happened, women had to be able to live off of their land and be familiar with the outdoors. This means that many women hunted, fished, planted crops and harvested crops to support their families. The few tips here will help you learn to be a woman of the outdoors and educate your children on how to live off of the land.

Planning Hiking Excursions
Spending time in nature is important. Not only do you and your family get exercise, but it is also an opportunity to educate yourselves. You can learn what the different types of vegetation are in your local area as well as how to identify edible plant-matter and wild mushrooms that are safe for consumption. You’ll learn what the different varieties of trees and wildlife inhabit the area too.
Consider planning a weekend hike a few times a month. Don’t be afraid of going out in the rain and snow, it’s all part of becoming an outdoorsy person.

Living off of the Land
Living off of the land is something that generations before had to learn to do. If there was water nearby or on the property, fish were a staple. Catching monster pike by trolling or wading at dusk results in a bountiful meal for your family. Living off of the land also means learning what crops grow best in your region, fortifying the soil they’d grow in and harvesting crops for your family to use rather than buying produce from a local grocer.

Learning Survival Tactics
There may be instances where an injury or situation arises that prevents you from getting back to your home. You have to learn how to survive in all conditions and how to treat minor injuries while spending time outdoors or in the wilderness. Taking first aid and survival courses is ideal for the entire family. Children need to learn what to do to help their parents in the event of an emergency just as parents need to learn how to aid their children in the same situation. These courses teach you how to start fires, how to capture animals for meat, identifying edible vegetation and how to create drinkable water. These are important elements to learn.

Closing Thoughts
Becoming an outdoor woman doesn’t mean that you’re slipping backwards in time; it simply means that you want to become more resourceful. Activities like fishing are relaxing as you sit quietly in nature and entice fish to bite your hook. It is rewarding to reel in your first catch, and is even more rewarding when it’s a larger catch than your spouse or fishing partner/s. Enjoy spending time in nature and educating your family with regular outdoor time.

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