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The diet of honey

One tablespoon before going to bed and -1 pound a week!

One tablespoon of honey in a hot drink (or warm) before going to bed. That’s it. What? Lose weight!

It seems that the diet of honey is a good habit to lose weight, this is the result of a research nutritionist Mike McInnes: triggers metabolic changes that suppress the craving for sugar.

Exploits the properties of honey proven to trigger metabolism changes to overcome sugar cravings, and helps burn fat while you sleep. There is no calorie counting, nor the use of dietary details and you can easily lose up to 1 kg per week.

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So nothing drastic diets, only a proper diet and green sweets in moderation, as long instead of refined sugar, use honey for sweetening.

McInnes said: “The modern obesity is caused by two main factors. Firstly: the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugar. Secondly, poor quality sleep’s. Poor sleep quality raises stress hormones and hormones of appetite. In the West we have an evening meal go to bed with a depleted liver, and there is not enough fuel in the liver to supply the brain during the night. Better food for this is the honey. Honey is specific to the liver.

Metabolized differently than other sugars. Honey supplies the liver before going to sleep. No other food can do it in the same way, honey can do this! Fact, honey has anti-diabetic food most powerful man know.”

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So, how does the diet of honey?

McInnes believes the main reason why we can not lose weight is because we eat too much sugar and processed foods, even foods with a low-fat apparently healthy, are very often full of hidden sugars or white flour, which the body converts to sugar quickly.

The body deals with this overload of sugar by releasing the hormone insulin, which filters the blood and sends it off to be stored as fat. And this is compounded by the fact that the brain requires more and more because you always feel hungry.

A drink with a spoonful of honey before bed is sufficient to reverse the process and reduce stress night, allowing you to sleep better, so that the body can get on with the essential process of recovery and repair burning fat. You may wonder how it could be possible because the honey is full of fructose and sugar.

Simple: being a natural element, it changes its composition and, thanks to its micro-nutrients react differently in our digestive system, not recreating the situation of normal sugar.

So go-ahead to a cup of tea every night, sweetened with a good spoonful of honey.

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