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Calton Hill is a hill located in the city center of Edinburgh, close to Princess Street. To access it you have to climb a few flights of stairs guarded by fierce lions are perfectly paved, so it is recommended for all travelers, regardless of age or physical condition. At the top, plus see a major expansion of green grass and lots of trees with benches to rest scattered, our eyes stop to contemplate the six monuments that are at the top of Calton Hill.

– Am I in Greece or in Edinburgh? Many of us think that when we first see the “Esocia National Monument.” Indeed, it was designed from the Parthenon Athens but unfortunately funds were not enough and three years after starting its construction, was left incomplete. It is a memorial to the Scottish soldiers and sailors who died in the Napoleonic Wars.– The Astronomical Observatory , which distinguish its green dome and Greek architecture style front too.– The Monument to the Martyrs Political . It is an obelisk that honors the memory of English and Scottish five men who undertook a fairly liberal parliamentary reform in the mid-nineteenth century and thus were persecuted.– The Monument to the Scottish poet Robert Burns .– The monument to Horatio Nelson . This is a telescope-shaped building that commemorates the victory of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar (on the Spanish and French). Given its height of 32 meters, is the most visibility is from other parts of the city and of course you can climb it to enjoy the view. As a curiosity I will tell you that even though they won the battle, Nelson died in it becoming a hero in his country. If you have a chance to visit to 1pm at its peak you will see that there is a large metal ball that weighs almost eight threads and at the one o’clock disappears. This was a mechanism that ships used to know the time when you had to go sailing and was replaced by the cannon that shoots from the castle at the same time as the ball in the frequent foggy days in Edinburgh, was difficult to see from Leith.The Professor Dugald Stuart monument has become a symbol of the city and almost all tourists photograph the sunset with this monument backlit. Guided also by the architecture of Greece, like Scotland National Monument is a memorial to the Scottish philosopher Dugald Stewart, who was a professor at the University of Edinburgh where he taught ethics.

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