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By this time of year we are starting to plan, it may seem abrupt, the trips we want to do in 2014 and, as always, the United Kingdom s is among them, always comes to mind travel to New York , but a good alternative to be account is San Francisco.

“The Rock” went from prison to tourist attraction

Besides being a city with many attractions, San Francisco is a place that invites you to travel by car to enjoy its corners. A number of San Francisco tourist destinations are accessible by road, so visitors are turning frequently rent a car in San Francisco . If your goal is Alcatraz, a boat will take you to the island from the Fisherman’s Wharf in a quarter hour.

Alcatraz Known as “The Rock”, centered on San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz is home to the renowned island prison of the same name, the first fortification dates from the mid nineteenth century, when it became military prison. A Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala, was awarded the nickname “Calla Lilies Island”, however his resignation to explore the dark aspect conveyed.

The first owner of the Rock was Julian Workman, to whom was entrusted the construction of a lighthouse by the governor of Alta California, whose property a few years later end up in the hands of John C. Frémont, who bought it on behalf of the United States. After incorporation from California to this country in 1848, work began fortification of the island, which during the civil functioned as prisoner detention center.

Finally, in 1933 the U.S. Justice Department acquired ownership of the island to integrate it into the Bureau of Prisons as elite jail.

Alcatraz Prison as such remained in effect for almost three decades, closing its gates in March 1963 after reaching hold up to 1545 inmates, with a constant average of 275.

Starting your role as a high security prison was parallel to the testimonies of torture and humiliation and mysterious episodes varied, as happened in 1940, when a prisoner confined in the punishment cell started screaming hysterically that a terrifying being threatened him with his bright eyes, the indifference of the surveillance . The next morning he was found dead in a corner of the cell involved in a panicked expression, and could never get to give explanation to the tragic episode. Equally striking sightings of ghostly figures by security guards at mid-century, which gave the name of ghost soldiers by its parallelism with Confederate prisoners died in the Civil War.
penalty Alcatraz happened to be the most reliable United States, to the point counted a total of 33 attempts to escape, of which twenty-nine were aborted by the security services, two drowned and two others disappeared without a trace.

Undoubtedly, the legend that haunts Alcatraz Prison, which can be witnessed in your visit, is due to a bunch of famous organized lint Eastwood in “Escape from Alcatraz”, who escaped and whose cell is a major tourist attraction of the prison.

The 60s began with an intense popular pressure on justice for heinous conditions to which prisoners were subjected, totally unrelated to the Charter of the United Nations Human Rights. This, together with the high costs of maintenance required, triggered in 1963 the order of final closure, with Richard Nixon who commanded his total evacuation in 1971. Since then integrates into a succulent beaten path for visitors in search of excitement, with over a million visitors annually.

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