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Family-HolidayMany people rely on travel agencies to help them find the perfect getaway. With so many currently struggling financially, it begs the question whether you can plan your own. The good news is that this is entirely possible; in fact, you will use the same methods that travel agencies use but without the extra fees. You could soon find yourself jetting on a dream holiday easily within your budget with these simple tips.

Search Comparison Websites

By searching yourself, you have more companies to choose from. Lower the amount of companies by using price comparison websites. These will help you find flights and hotels – together or separately – to find something within your budget. You can control the amount of nights you stay, where you go and the dates that you travel.

Try Different Dates

When looking for something within a budget, try out different dates. You will usually find that travelling mid-week will help to lower the cost. More people travel at the weekend, so airlines, train companies and coach firms get away with charging higher prices. Beat them at their own game! The same applies for travelling during term time and school holidays – although you may be limited to dates because of school holidays.

Find Voucher Codes

Another way to keep the cost down is through voucher codes, and something that you do not have the option of when shopping through a travel agent. There are many reputable websites offering money off vouchers or deals on your travel experience. You may find that you get an extra night’s stay or the kid’s travel free.

Last Minute Deals

Booking in advance helps to save money but so does looking for late deals. Hotels and airlines with late deals often have places that they need to sell; it is better having spaces filled at a lower cost than not at all. This is great if you have decided for a last minute break somewhere but avoid relying on this too much.

Choose Your Attractions

By booking yourself, you often have more choice over the attractions that you see. Research your chosen destination and find out about the museums, sights, theme/water parks and other fun things to do in the area. It is worth letting each member of the family choose one thing that they’d really like to do so that you all do something you would enjoy on a day.

Booking through a travel agency leads to further costs. They will go through many of the same steps that you will but are limited to the companies that endorse them. You also need to pay for a fee for the agency doing this job. Take advantage of organizing your holiday yourself and let your family enjoy what they want to do.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Keith Davis, a trip organizer. She works with her family to organize all their holidays, including choosing the family car hire to book and attractions to see.

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