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car-rentalsAll have needed ever renting a car and put us to search the vehicle have become aware of the huge price difference that exists depending on factors as the company where rent, the time of year or the extras that each includes. According to a report of Facua on car rental, prices may vary up to 431% in the same city, according to the company which is contracted.

Whether we need to rent a car as a vehicle of replacement because ours is in the shop, or simply because we want to enjoy certain autonomy during our vacation, the truth is that our decision to rent with one or another company will largely depend on whether the price seems affordable. To avoid having to deprive us of this we wanted to reel off a series of tips that we should keep in mind when finding the best rental, at the best price.

The first piece of advice we give you is that you make reservation via the Internet, since it comes always much cheaper because we manage part of the process. There are search engines for car hire which allow you to filter by “cheaper”, but be careful!, these search engines do not include all companies, some have a few others to others… It is best to do a direct search in the main rental websites. Slope a little more work, but we will make sure that none is left us out of the comparison. Take time to compare can be a great saving.

Be flexible to the extent possible. The prices of rents may vary according to the date or season. If you are free to advance or delay your trip you can further adjust the price, choosing the days where rentals are less demand at each time.

If you are one of those who plan trips months before they occur you will benefit from prices really low, especially in high seasons, because demand for vehicles is triggered before his proximity and prices with it.

Compare prices by branches. Occasionally, either by availability of vehicles, either by location, your rental price can varies significantly from a base to another. In this sense, verifies that the price does not increase by renting the vehicle in airports, train stations or bus terminals. Occasionally move to a more central delegation in public transport and avoid unwanted charges worth.

Avoid paying for things that you don’t use or you are not necessary. Many companies include in the price a number of extras that we need not always, as an excessive mileage, expanded insurance, etc. Rent in key is that the rental price does not include extras that you might not need to default, but it offers the minimum and from there gives you the option of hiring different extras separately. That is why the rental price the client determines it, largely.

It passes by high special offers. Estate aware of regular promotions and take advantage of them, so if you are one of those people who rent on a regular basis, as for punctual rentals.

Check the limit of mileage that has contract and if you think you can get it to exceed contractual additional kilometers, longer than if you not cures in health will get more expensive to pay a penalty. In this sense, it is important to read and understand the conditions of the rent to avoid surprises and be clear about our rights and responsibilities as tenants.

Finally, it seeks to be responsible behind the wheel. Compliance to strictly driving rules prevent you fine and oblige you to pay more money, while doing a careful use of the vehicle will largely prevent damage, longer if not you could penalize for negligent use. If you consider these tips you will be able to find real bargains when it comes to renting a vehicle and thus save money to spend on your vacation or invite your partner to dinner at a good restaurant.

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