Indian River Trail – The Outdoor Women


Length (one way): 5.5 miles
One Way Trip Time: 4 hours
Trail Begins: Pumphouse and dam at end of Indian River Road.
Trail Ends: Base of Indian River Falls.
Trail Rating: Easy. Climbs gradually. Easy to find, clear, in good condition. Some muddy spots. Bears may be present.
Recommended Season: All year
USGS Maps: Sitka A-4
Elevation Gain: 700 feet

Access: The trailhead is within walking distance of downtown Sitka. Follow Sawmill Creek Road a short distance to Indian River Road (unmarked). This is the next road east of the Troopers Academy driveway. Cars can be parked by the side of the road outside the gate. No vehicles ate allowed past this point. Walk around the gate and follow the road east about a half mile to its end at the pumphouse. The Indian River Trailhead is just west of the pumphouse.

Special Features: Vistas of the Sisters Mountains. This is a relaxing walk through northwest coast rain forest. (Old growth Sitka spruce, western hemlock and yellow cedar).

Description: The trail essentially follows Indian River up a wide valley. It meanders through the forests across gentle terrain. About a half mile from the trailhead it skirts a muskeg. The views of the surrounding mountains from this muskeg are magnificent. Along the trail there are numerous places well suited to picnics. Birds and animals are common in the forest and along the river. Deer are sighted frequently, and often one can find bear pawprints in the trail. The trail ends at the base of a waterfall toward the head of the valley. The elevation gain of 700 feet is very gradual, making this an easy trail.

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