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The Hooter Trail leads from the Castle Flats Cabin to the Castle River Cabin. The Castle River Trail continues upstream from the Castle River Cabin to the boat tie-up. The trail is an enjoyable day hike from either cabin.Combined Length (one way): 1.2 miles


Rating: Easiest
USGS Map: Petersburg C-4

Access: You can reach the trailhead via boat or floatplane to either the Castle Flats Cabin or the Castle River Cabin west of the Castle Islands in Duncan Canal.

Description: The Hooter Trail leaves the Castle Flats Cabin and winds through second-growth forest and small muskegs to the river cabin. The trail continues as the Castle River Trail for another mile along the river to the boat tie-up above the rapids.

Attractions: The Castle River Trail leads to several fishing spots along the river, which supports runs of silver salmon and steelhead. You can row upstream at least 1 mile from the boat tie-up. If you use the boat, please secure it at the tie-up when you leave or the current will carry it downstream. Contact the Petersburg Ranger District for Castle Flats or Castle River Cabin information and cabin permit applications.

History: The Civilian Conservation Corps cleared a trail along the Castle River and built a shelter at the mouth of the river in the 1 930’s. The Forest Service has maintained the river trail since the 1 940’s. In 1979, a Youth Conservation Corps crew constructed the Hooter Trail to connect the two cabins.

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