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Villas-in-TuscanyThe villas have ancient origins, even the Romans built their summer residences far from the city to escape the summer heat. This tradition has been passed down through time until today, in fact, even now many families still have a house and a city in the country.

Today, many are rented villas in Tuscany vacation from their proprietari.Talvolta be rented entirely, which makes them particularly suitable for families and large groups, but are often divided into several smaller apartments, also suitable for couples or smaller families.

Some historic Tuscan villas also have been turned into hotels, Sicily villas or bed and breakfast from the ‘family atmosphere, where guests can feel at ease, like visiting the house of a dear friend.

A little ‘history …

In the Middle Ages there were frequent clashes between opposing factions and political upheavals in the cities and on these occasions families prudently took refuge in their country estates.

The villas in Tuscany were built away from the villages and had no military function, so the houses themselves did not need any special defenses as needed instead of the castles or fortresses. So the traditional look of a fortress, with towers, thick walls and small windows was mitigated by the ‘addition of decorative details, approaching to simply plastered walls, arches and courtyards with well. The architecture of these castles became an example to copy and develop and the result can be seen clearly in appearance and elegant classical villas that have taken over time in Tuscany and then throughout Italy.

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