Tips for trekking, travel on their garments – The Outdoor Women

An important issue to be resolved in relation to adventure travel is that concerning the clothing best suited for such ventures.

While the model and type of clothing that you use in your own travels will depend on your tastes and needs, there are some general matters to be observed:

1) – Must be tough.

2) – must be economic.

3) – should not be overly flashy.

The first concept relates to the fact that during a trip there are several incidents that can quickly destroy any outfit together.

The reason to look for the employment of economic items is related to the above: if you carry expensive clothes, just lose more money.

The clothes should not be too flashy for the local population of the region you visit. This can not only be a clarion call to all those who, identifying him as an outsider or a tourist, try to take advantage of you and the situation, but because it might inadvertently offend customs or traditions.

On this latter point there are some exceptions among the mountaineers, for example, is fairly common items used in very striking terms of color and other characteristics of its appearance, but must also be considered in that case is not to offend any local, since such items are used in climbing and where no people.

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