Safety standards for the practice of cycling – The Outdoor Women

practice-of-cyclingIn both types of cycling path or road, as one of the many variants of mountain biking, mountain bike or mountain bike, we can talk about certain common basic standards that improve our safety and that of other persons, vehicles or bicycles we can cross our path.

Security in cycling, as in any other outdoor activity, we divided the recommendations into two: those that affect the security group and should obviously be respected when it comes to walk in groups, and those affecting personal safety , which are the responsibility of each one, or group travel.

The recommendations that apply to speak of cycling in public places for everyday transportation needs, or by the pleasure of moving in this fantastic environment. That is, for recreation or leisure, not in competitive activities performed on circuits or closed paths, where the rules that matters are those determined by one sport (cycling tours, trial, downhill or down hill, BMX, etc.).

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