Material and equipment to carry on day trips outside – The Outdoor Women

outdoor-materialsAlthough a departure from a day outdoors to practice hiking, trekking, mountaineering, camping, etc. [1] is not an issue scanning or anything, and usually are developed by definition close to the city, not be overlooked that some planning in terms of equipment, kits and supplies to be kept for the journey. This is equally true if we organize the tour we (in a particular group) or we will be guided by a professional guide in the context of a group gathered through an agency or multi-activity adventure activities.

The first is to consider the material, equipment or equipment needed to maintain security (protection from weather, means of guidance and prevention of accidents inherent in the activities) and provide first aid (primary healing of the injury or the most common injuries waiting for medical intervention.)

You have to remember is that accidents happen everywhere, and though there are fewer chances to encounter the less last march, and will be less severe in its consequences, the closer you are to a place where they can receive medical help , rescue or proper disposal, it is also true that the possibility of accidents is reduced even further if we care to eliminate as many risks as it is in our hands, and avoid all that we can not remove.

Thus, not only will reduce the possibility of accidents, but we will avoid wasting resources on mobilizing search and rescue operations to fix ourselves facing problems, had not been anticipated, may require outside help.

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