3 Ideas for Making Your Upcoming Move Easier – The Outdoor Women

If you’re planning a move across town, state or country, you may already be thinking about how to ease the process. From recruiting your team to rounding up your essentials, here are three ideas to consider.

1. Recruit Your Team

Whether you enlist friends or professional movers to help you, support is crucial to an easy move. After all, when it comes to heavy or bulky furniture and other items you want the physical support and strength of people who can get the job done as safely and quickly as possible. Friends and family can often give you the emotional support you need — and make you a cup of coffee when you get overwhelmed!

2. Rent a Trailer

rent a trailer

Many professional trailer rental companies let you book the vehicle of your choice by the day, week, month or year. Search online for reputable companies in your area by entering “ trailer rental Everett WA,” for example. If you’re a DIY mover, you can use the trailer to transport your belongings and to store them if, for example, your new home is under construction. The benefit of a storage trailer is that you pay only for the amount of storage you need.

3. Round Up Your Essentials

It’s a great idea to create an essentials bag or kit so that you have your critical documents and items in one place. From your ID and credit cards to your electronic devices and chargers, sleepwear, and medications, keep everything in one clearly labeled box or bag that you keep track of while you travel and move in.

These three ideas and many others can ease your upcoming move. To find more ideas, check out the websites of moving and real estate companies. Professionals have lots of tried and true tips and tricks to share.

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