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women-violenceDomestic violence is a social sin and women in different societies are the major target. If we look at history we will come to know that rights of women were snubbed and they were treated as third grade citizens. Many people tried to start campaign to protect women from domestic violence some were dominated by the opponents and some marked their name in history.

Most of the countries have taken initiatives to protect women from domestic violence ,many developed countries have joined different platforms at national and international level to shield the women from domestic violence ,different NGO’s at local and international level are working on this social taboo to erode it. United Nations (UN) has played a vital role in this regard, UN has developed different functions to work on agenda to protect women from domestic violence, and it has dedicated its different funds for women.

Multinational corporations can play a important role to protect women from domestic violence by funding different Governments and NGOS where they operate .AVON the company for women is a great example, AVON offers a wide range of products for women including makeup, skincare, bath &body, fragrance, hair care, jewllery, fashion, a part from it, it has proved itself philanthropic by aiding and contributing in different funds since many years. AVON was founded in 1886 and it has seen women suffering from different kinds of violence that’s why it has a remarkable history to help women in different social issues including domestic violence .AVON has always focus on enhancing and emphasizing on outer beauty of women as well as to safeguard their souls and body from domestic violence.

Recently on 25th of January 2011 AVON has announced a campaign “AVON believe world tour”, AVON’s campaign was launched by its Global brand Ambassador Reese Witherspoon and its CEO Andrea Jung at company’s 125th anniversary year in Atlanta.”AVON’s believe world tour” has aimed world tour of 16 cities i.e. Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, New York, Chicago, Mexico City, Warsaw, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Manila, Shanghai, New Delhi and Johannesburg, 125000 AVON’s representatives will participate in AVON’s campaign,1 million AVON Global Believe Fund was announced to launch global efforts to protect women from domestic violence. AVON foundation for women will work in collaboration with National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) to fund NGOS which will in turn provide services to victims of domestic violence. AVON product Inc has launched “AVON voices “at 125th anniversary celebrations, its first online singing talent searches.

Hence we can say that with this changing world, people have become much aware about their rights and many companies are doing a lot for social causes and well recognized their social responsibility. Global efforts of multinational corporations will draw people’s attention towards lack of services for women who are victims of domestic violence.

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