The Adirondack Park

adircouncilThe Adirondack Park invites superlatives. It is the largest of all parks in the contiguous United States. Its patchwork ownership pattern is unique in the U.S. Its close proximity to major cities in Canada and the U.S. brings over nine million visitors to it annually.

It harbors the most extensive system of protected wilderness-over one million acresÑin the East. It contains a diversity of wildlife, forests, lakes, streams, wetlands and mountains found nowhere else.

The Adirondack Park also engenders complacency-a false sense of security concerning its future. And for good reason. The state-owned portions of the Park have been protected as “forever wild” under the New York State constitution since 1894, and the private portions have been subject to comprehensive development controls since 1973.

American forest

American Forests

American forestAt AMERICAN FORESTS we focus on finding solutions to the problems facing our forests, not on ideological rhetoric. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for our forests-and the clean air and water they provide.

Our “Search For Solutions” is more than just a slogan, it’s our mission, and through conservation action and education, we’re succeeding.

You want to help because You love trees and forests-but you’re probably a little confused.

Voices on one side say we should never disturb a forest’s natural state, while voices on the other side insist that we need more timber to harvest. While the conflicts continue, the forests suffer. Yet amidst all the confusion there are answers.

sagamore lake

Weekend Trip: Women In The Woods at Great Camp Sagamore

sagamore lakeCanoe and hike in the perfect Adirondack autumn. Meet others who accept nature as their path to revitalization and renewal. Spend time with other women friends. Spend time in solitude. Spend time in learning. Create an unforgettable weekend.

September 17-19, 2005
Instructor: Jen Hunter
Fee: $335 per person; includes accommodations, meals, and guided trips for the whole weekend.