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American forestAt AMERICAN FORESTS we focus on finding solutions to the problems facing our forests, not on ideological rhetoric. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for our forests-and the clean air and water they provide.

Our “Search For Solutions” is more than just a slogan, it’s our mission, and through conservation action and education, we’re succeeding.

You want to help because You love trees and forests-but you’re probably a little confused.

Voices on one side say we should never disturb a forest’s natural state, while voices on the other side insist that we need more timber to harvest. While the conflicts continue, the forests suffer. Yet amidst all the confusion there are answers.

For almost 120 years-since 1875-AMERICAN FORESTS has spoken for the trees and the forests of this magnificent land. We’re over 100,000 strong, and our nationwide programs are leading the movement to protect America’s forests.

Maybe you’ve never heard of us. We don’t spend our money on flashy marketing schemes, and we don’t make the headlines with outlandish claims based on fear. We put our money and our efforts where we have since 1875-in conservation action, education, and the search for solutions.

The 21st century is right around the corner. AMERICAN FORESTS is working hard to ensure that our forests continue to provide clean air, unpolluted water, and healthy ecosystems for people and wildlife. Join us.

By helping to plant millions of trees in rural and urban areas, AMERICAN FORESTS is increasing soil stability and productivity all across the country. More stable soil results in less erosion and runoff. Subsequently a cleaner, clearer water supply emerges, providing a healthier ecosystem for wildlife and people.

Thirty Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration projects exist nationwide, accounting for nearly two million trees; hundreds more are in the works. Restoring dam aged forest ecosystems to their original levels of diversity benefits both wildlife and people.

educational programs are increasing awareness in schools. Living Classrooms help teach history, science, and conservation ethics while providing tree-planting opportunities for children.

Our innovative Cool Communities program minimizes the polluted, “heat island” effect in our cities and increases energy efficiency through strategic tree planting and light-color resurfacing of heat-absorbent structures.

The Global ReLeaf Fund for City Trees has provided more than $2.5 million in tree-planting grants to communities like yours. Planting trees makes communities more beautiful and healthier by providing cleaner air and water.

WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US: “AMERICAN FORESTS’ Famous & Historic Tree program is a wonderful way to involve people in environmental improvement and educate the public about the prestigious history of our nation.”

-Former President Jimmy Carter

‘AMERICAN FORESTS book Growing Greener Cities should be in every place where children can read. We must teach children better ways of doing things ”

-Singer Graham Nash

“Its urban forest conferences, its citizen forestry support group, its Global ReLeaf and Cool Communities programs, and its Global ReLeaf Fund have made AMERICAN FORESTS the world’s leader in urban forestry.”

-Rep. Bruce Vento, chairman, House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands

“AMERICAN FORESTS is made up of-people who understand the value of healing the environment, and its programs reflect ingenuity, initiative, and concern.”

-Actor Mike Farrell

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