What to Consider Before Purchasing an RV – The Outdoor Women

Take advantage of cooler temps or downsize to travel the US by purchasing an RV. Whatever your reasons for the purchase, take these few things into account before putting any money down. A little research and thought can help you make a purchase you love for years to come.

Camping Options

If you are using your RV to visit Kemah RV parks and camp, you need to consider how you like to camp. Do you want to be near the city lights with all the amenities of modern life? Or do you prefer the quiet, stillness of nature? RVs come in a variety of sizes and options to meet your camping and lifestyle needs from the primitive pop up tent to the Class A motorhome. If you plan to live in the RV full-time, you may want something with a few amenities built in and storage.

Overall Budget

RVs range in price based on whether you buy new or used, brand, amenities and luxuries included. Determine the budget you have to spend ahead of time. Some types of RVs require a high-powered truck to pull the RV. If you don’t already own the truck but want a fifth wheel, you need to budget the truck purchase with the RV as you need both. Or you can choose a motorhome that fits your needs and pull your current vehicle.

Traveling Plans

If you plan to move the RV a lot, a motorhome may be a better option. For those who plan to stay in one place, you may want to go with a fifth wheel, so you can use your truck for errands and trips into town. Additional features can come in handy if you plan to spend time off the grid such as solar panels and larger storage tanks. Knowing how you plan to use the RV can help you make a decision.

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