The team of adventure and survival – The Outdoor Women

adventure-team“Knowledge about equipment that can be used in situations of survival , as well as in various outdoor activities is fundamental not only to get the most out of it, but that in case of emergency or exceptional until we can reproduce these tools through improvisation .

The issue is obviously extensive and variable, since the constant emergence of new technologies makes it must take into account new features and possibilities.

The equipment can be purchased in many shops in the industry, or through the Internet . There are a variety of products available, and many are reasonably priced. Today it seems that with the advancement of mass communication and dissemination of outdoor activities, we have more equipment than ever.

However, the maximum survival is “prepared to do everything with as little as possible”, as in difficult situations , after a loss , accident , etc.. is much less likely to have at hand any tool or equipment, to meet in an ideal situation.

Therefore, we must learn to survive and solve all our problems without a computer, which must be assumed as a help, but not a guarantee. “

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