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There are many devices and chemicals sold that are said to handle and eradicate mosquitoes, but the true challenge is in finding something that actually works. Water traps are an easy, chemical-free way to get rid of these pests in a hurry.

Mosquito Infestations

Mosquito Dangers and Nuisance

Trying to enjoy outdoor activities can be a nightmare when you and your family find that you are on the mosquito menu. Spraying pesticides and using DEET is an unhealthy way to try and resolve the problem. Disease like meningitis, West Nile virus and Zika make the idea of mosquito bites a little discomforting. You can end up with life threatening illness with one bite.

Eliminate the Need for Pesticides and DEET

DEET is the active ingredient in most insect repellents applied to the skin. The actual chemical is diethyltoluamide and can be extremely irritating. Spraying pesticides is nearly useless in an outdoor setting. A mosquito water trap is an effective alternative that is safe for humans and the environment. You will notice a difference right away in your comfort level of being outside any time of the year.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Water traps for mosquitoes are easy to use and maintain. You add a little water and 2 of the mosquito water tablets and hang it where mosquitoes can gain access. Maintaining the trap is as simple as maintaining the water level and adding an additional tablet each month. There is no need to change the water. The dirtier it gets the more the mosquitoes will be attracted.

Affordable Extra Mosquito Water Tablets

It is easy to have enough mosquito water tablets handy to keep the trap working effectively all year long. They are reasonably priced and packaged to prevent damage from moisture. You can stock up and stay prepared for any outdoor event or activity.

Place in Areas of Mosquito Infestation

Water traps for mosquitoes are affordable enough to place them in all areas of the property that provide the needed environment for breeding. The devices are simple to set up and install. you can expand the mosquito free zone as far as necessary.

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