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africa safari

Africa is known to be a great place for scenic views and authentic wildlife encounters. And a getaway in the continent will never be complete without a trip to the safari. Getting a closer look at the animals in their natural habitats and being able to actually interact with them will surely be a memorable experience.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy this escapade due to the lack of preparation. Most tourists do not have the right things or even the proper attire packed for the trip. To get the appropriate set of clothes for your trip, here are some tips for you:

Go natural

Being in an African setting, it is best to fit in with other tourists and locals with any neutral-colored clothing. This includes different shades of brown, green, and khakis.

No to camouflage print

You might think shirts and pants with a camouflage print look cool when you go out for a trip, but they may be quite different in Africa. You might be mistaken for military personnel if you are caught wearing any camouflage clothing.

White may not be ideal

A safari trip gets you around the desert and various animal habitats. With this, you ought to expect a lot of dust and dirt, and wearing a white shirt would only make these very visible.

The perfect layering

You will be enduring quite a heat as you spend a few days in Africa. Thus, make sure you pack clothes with light and breathable fabrics. On the other hand, nights can be extremely cold, so you can carry an extra jacket to keep you warm during your sleep.

Long or short pants

There will be times when the climate gets too humid, and wearing shorts seems to be the perfect choice. However, when you take short walks through bushes and grassy areas, long pants are the most ideal apparel.

Kinds of shoes to pack

Choosing on whether to wear your boots or to pack them can be a common dilemma before getting into your africa safari trip. To save you some space, you can wear your boots and have sandals or any casual footwear packed instead.

Sun protection

Africa is a tropical holiday destination. The sun will be glaring too bright for you to see the view as well as the animals. You can get yourself simple sunglasses or polarized ones for you not to miss a thing. You can also have a hat to protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun.

Final Thoughts

Dressing appropriately for a safari adventure can influence your mood and perception of things. Additionally, it affects the way you move in every activity. For a better outfit plan, you can review the itinerary of your trip and decide on your attire from it. Also, with the items mentioned above, you will be a step closer to having the best safari experience. The only thing left for you to do is to enjoy every activity and create unforgettable memories.

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