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Looking good is gender blind, as men also definitely want to look their best during hari Raya. There are various types of men’s Hari Raya attire today, such as jubah, kurta, and  baju melayuthat are widely offered in the market with their uniqueness. Moreover, some products you can use for events other than Hari Raya.

Along with the development of the times, you can now look fashionable with baju Melayu. It also can look very modern and can be worn as everyday clothes. No need to linger to find modern baju Melayu that can be worn for young people. You can get rid of the impression of old-looking baju Melayu by following the rules below. Pay attention to design, colors, as it determines the look of the present.

Choose materials that are comfortable to use

Hari Raya is the most awaited moment by Muslims. Apart from the prayers, Hari Raya is also used as an event to socialize with relatives. Because the activity is quite intense for the day, you need to use clothes with comfortable materials. The material that is often used to make baju Melayu is cotton. This material has the properties of being cool, soft, and easily absorbs sweat. Cotton has several types, such as Toyobo cotton, Indian cotton, interlaced cotton, and others. Don’t be confused, these types still have the same quality and comfort. The disadvantage of cotton clothes is that they are easily crumpled so you need to be careful when wearing them.

Choose baju Melayu from linen to have a modern look

The choice of materials from baju Melayu can also add a modern impression of appearance. Choose linen Baju Melayu that is comfortable and able to absorb sweat well. It is also perfect wear during Friday prayers on the weekly basis. Choosing the right material will make you more focused during prayers. In addition to religious activities, baju Melayu with this material can also be used for daily activities that will give a more neat impression to the wearer.

Choose baju Melayu with a safer  & neutral color tone

Choosing the baju Melayu with a neutral color tone is also a consideration that must be taken into account. Now you can choose baju Melayu with a touch of neutral colors or follow the earthy tone trend that is much preferred by minimalist men.

Baju Melayu with neutral colors can also be worn for a longer period. Besides, it is also very easy to match with any other colors.

Pay attention to the stitching to perfect the look

The last way to choose a baju Melayu is to look into the detail at the type of stitches used that create the neatness of the baju Melayu. Don’t let the seams on the sleeves look untidy or wrinkled that caused imperfections on the overall look. Choosing clothes with neat stitching will save more money as it is durable and you don’t have to buy new baju Melayu for other activities for a longer period.

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