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Co-working spaces are becoming popular in Bangkok other cities in Thailand. They provide several necessary facets that startups and struggling businesses may not otherwise be able to afford. But quality co-working space interior design is also crucial for these spaces.

These smaller companies, startups and individual entrepreneurs need privacy. Yet, at the same time, part of the reason for choosing a co-working space is the opportunity to share ideas and be a part of a community of like-minded people. The co-working space interior design has to provide for this delicate balance to be successful at creating a space that is pleasant, comfortable and productive for the tenants.

Life in a Co-working Space

Life in a successful co-working space interior design provides everything a business just getting off the ground needs while offering intellectual support from the community the space creates.

It provides a conference room so the tenants can meet with investors and conduct internal meetings in private. It provides necessary infrastructure and facilities like high-speed internet service, a photocopier, restrooms and a coffee and pantry area.

But the most successful designers who specialize in co-working space interior design also provide certain intangibles that they may have learned through trial and error or personal experience. These details are what defines success and failure in many co-working space interior designs.

Attention to Details Matters

A large common area is a feature of many co-working spaces. And many single entrepreneurs pay rent to occupy part of this common area and share the facilities and infrastructure. Interior designers who fail to insulate this area properly risk losing these tenants to quieter co-working spaces that understand the needs of these tenants.

Not having enough tables in a photocopier room to sort and collate materials is something that’s easy to solve, unless the room itself is too small to accommodate them.

A successful interior designer has to draw on their own experiences working in offices and look at it through the eyes of a young independent person who may not be able to afford the things that employees take for granted.

The Office of the Future

As more young entrepreneurs start their own companies to explore the commercial viability of their ideas, more unique co-working space interior designs will be needed to encourage this business growth in Thailand.

But just like everything else in business, the best of these co-working space interior designs will attract the most tenants, and those that fail to meet the needs of these up and coming young businesspeople will drive them to other, more comfortable and successful spaces.

If you have a property you’re considering converting into a co-working space, partner with designers who specialize in creating successful co-working space interior designs. These are the professionals who have been able to consider the space from the perspective of the tenant and have been able to design a space that balances the existing physical constraints of the building with the tenant’s needs.

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