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cornholeCornhole is one of the most popular backyard games in the country right now. It’s just about a decade old, but it has swept the nation so far. I think it’s probably because of how easy it is to learn the game combined with how easy it is to play. There are some players that take it really far, even playing professionally in some cases.

If you like to have people over for backyard parties, consider purchasing your own cornhole set. First of all, it ensures that you will have something to do whenever people come over. It also means you can practice on your own, something the most competitive people will love. Having your own cornhole

Custom Cornhole Games

One of the coolest things about cornhole sets is that they can be fully customized. There is no limit to what you can have printed on your game besides your imagination. Some of the most popular designs are college sports logos. A couple of my friends and I went to rival schools, so we had ours painted with our corresponding logos to spice up the competition a little bit and really draw a line in the sand. Customization is also a nice option when it comes to corporate events too.


Before you purchase a set, be sure that it meets the specifications of the American Cornhole Association. This is the only way to know if your board is actually an official set or not. Once you get good enough on these, you will be able to compete in sanctioned events if you so desire. It isn’t much more expensive to get the official set and it is worth it in the long run.


That’s enough about boards. There is the question of bags too. Each set usually comes with 8 bags. There may a few extra included if your’s break or you lose one. Like the boards, they are fully customizable, meaning you can leave every game with the same bags you showed up with.

There are different quality levels of bags. The highest quality is the professional versions which are filled with a special plastic resin. The outside is also different as one side is suede and the other isn’t. The suede side is to help with your grip with the smooth side helps the bag slide into the hole when you toss it.

Are you sick of playing on out of date or broken down cornhole games? If you are, consider getting your own custom game.

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