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Common Meal Mistakes While Traveling

Traveling takes you out of your normal food routine, something that many find exciting. But as thrilled as you may be to try new things, travellers often find themselves returning from a trip feeling drained, exhausted and a few vacation pounds heavier. 44% of traveling professionals report indulging in unhealthy foods while traveling, an unhealthy trait made easier by scheduled business dinners, per diem and a lack of free time between meetings and activities.

Skipping breakfast is a common mistake eager travellers make on the road, followed by overstuffing themselves when they finally collapse into a restaurant chair. Drinking enough water is another common issue travellers face on the go, compounded by overindulgence in alcohol – a dangerous yet common one-two punch to enthusiastic travellers. A sudden shift in diet can cause flu-like symptoms, fatigue, irritability and digestive issues – and many don’t know this could be attributed to Candida die off symptoms, or a sudden increase in endotoxins and the same thing that happens when you take antifungals or antibiotics.

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Strategies to Eat Well During Your Stay

It’s important to your health and stamina not to shock your body with a massive shift in food intake and quality while traveling for business or on holiday, so let’s explore a few strategies you can employ to ensure you eat well on the road.

Eat Fresh and Local Foods

Many restaurants catering to tourists or short-term travellers don’t rely on repeat customers, opting instead to turn a quick profit by offering fast and lower-quality food. Eating at smaller, local restaurants is a great way to ensure you are eating fresh, local foods on your trip. Look for restaurants with high ratings from local customers, or if reviews aren’t available, look for busier places outside tourist areas that rely on offering quality food to customers for their continued success. 

Eat Protein with Every Meal

Protein intake is a vital part of many health and weight management strategies. If possible, eat protein with every meal, to make sure you have the energy to see everything, meet everyone, and stay on the move!  Around 30% of your total caloric intake should be through protein, to facilitate weight loss and boost your metabolic rate. Getting the right amount of protein while traveling will help you return home feeling great, and maybe even a few pounds lighter!

Pack Snacks & Water

Traveling means you can’t always control when you will have access to food and water. It’s important to carry healthy snacks and water with you on the go, to keep up your energy and keep your body strong for sightseeing!  Stop into a local supermarket or shop to check out the local snacks and stock up for the day!  Always ensure bottles of water are sealed before drinking, and try to avoid ice in less developed countries, as water filtration and safety is not a guarantee in some parts of the world. 

Avoid Empty Calories & Fast Food

Fast food may seem like the most familiar, convenient and reliable option when traveling, but fast food in other areas or countries is just as unhealthy and lacking in nutrients as it is at home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try something new, set aside time to seek out local and healthy food, or take advantage of fast food in an emergency for a quick salad or healthy snack on the go. 

Other Travel Tips

Yes, holiday is for relaxation, but staying active is important to ensure you don’t come home to a diet. Business travellers struggle against jet lag, general exhaustion and maintaining an active lifestyle between trips. Considering the cost of transportation in tourist areas, booking accommodation within walking distance of your chosen activities will not only save you money, it will allow you to walk to meetings, sightseeing and to explore the new area. Walking a new city is a great way to both get exercise, and see the city like a local, and you might discover some great and little-known spots on your journey!

Part of the fun of traveling is exploring new options, sites and foods, and there is no reason to succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle during your holiday or trip. Taking care of your body and watching your food intake is important to keeping up your energy during the trip, and ensuring that you come home well-rested and ready to return to real life!

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